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In today’s world, there’s no shortage of technology to help us get more work done. But as the number of applications we use and the amount of content we work with continue to increase, it becomes more difficult to ensure a seamless digital experience.

Google and Box share a commitment to help businesses and teams of all sizes work smarter. So we’re joining efforts to deliver the most advanced, seamless, secure cloud technology to our users.

As part of this partnership, Box will integrate with G Suite—connecting teams and making collaboration easier than ever. Box will also integrate with Google Cloud Platform, helping companies use data more effectively.

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G Suite + Box integrations — Coming soon

Connect your business at every level


Access G Suite files directly from Box

Create, open, and collaborate on Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides from Box. The G Suite and Box integration also takes advantage of Box’s robust security controls and rights management to ensure files are protected, and industry compliance standards are met.


Find content quickly no matter where it’s stored

Find and use the right information the moment it is needed. The Cloud Search connector for Box allows you to search across data and content stored in G Suite apps, including Docs, Gmail, Calendar, Contacts — and Box.


Receive a chat whenever a change is made

Never miss a change with the Hangouts Chat bot for Box. Select the folders within Box you want to monitor—when any edits occur, you’ll be notified by Hangouts Chat. And to make things even easier, you can access the altered folder directly from Hangouts Chat.

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Google Cloud Platform + Box integrations

Turn data into an advantage


Manage and organize your visual content

Using Cloud Vision’s machine learning technology, images uploaded to Box are automatically identified, indexed, and catalogued—making it easier for you to drive value from your content.


Sign up for Box Image Recognition, available in limited private beta.

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