Meet the new Hangouts Chat

An intelligent communication app, built for teams

Hangouts Chat is a new approach to team messaging. Bring your group together to work on a project in a room, and discuss the various tasks to keep your project moving forward through multiple conversation threads. Add in features like intelligent bots, rich G Suite file sharing, and integrations with the third-party tools your team relies on and Chat is a platform for successful team communication.

Team-focused conversations

Hangouts Chat makes it simple to work together on a project. Your team can have multiple conversations about different parts of a project, and share or preview your G Suite content without worrying about sharing permissions. Powerful, filterable search also makes it easy to find the content you need and turns your conversations into team memory.

Tools to help and assist

Hangouts Chat is designed not only to work the way you do, but also with the tools your team uses. As well as rich integrations with G Suite, Chat makes it easy to access your team's content from Asana, Zendesk, ProsperWorks and Box. You'll also notice that Chat brings Google's machine learning to your conversations. For example, when you need to set up time for the team to discuss a topic face-to-face, the @Meet bot can take a look at everyone's calendar and select a time that works for all.

G Suite Early Adopter Program

Hangouts Chat is currently in our G Suite Early Adopter Program (EAP). The EAP program is designed to help make our products as useful and intuitive as possible, by working with our G Suite customers to get their input on new products and features.

Sign up today for the Early Adopter Program

If you're a current G Suite customer, you can apply to try out the new Hangouts Chat by applying for our Early Adopter Program. In order to apply, you need to be:

  • A current G Suite customer
  • Able to try Hangouts Chat in English
    (only for the duration of EAP)
  • Willing to give experiential feedback that we'll use to improve the product