Drive metadata (beta)

Streamline work and keep Drive content organized

Find files in Drive faster and easier while maintaining more granular, effective content governance with our new metadata features. Admins and delegates can create metadata categories and taxonomies, which users can apply to any file in Drive, minimizing disruptions to their workflow. It’s simple and intuitive to apply metadata categories to files and folders.


Applying metadata strengthens search by making content discoverable based on context, contents, or status — and enables easy curation based on granular details.

Metadata also ensures file information is purposeful and manageable by establishing helpful guardrails for your users, all with the rigor required to support complex, demanding content governance needs.

Metadata beta program

We’ve been previewing Drive’s metadata feature with a small set of testers and customers. We’re excited to extend this capability to more customers through our beta program. The Drive metadata beta is only open to G Suite Business and G Suite Education customers, and only G Suite admins may apply with their primary domain on behalf of their organizations. Fill out the form to get started.

This product is beta. For more information on our product launch stages, go here.

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