Bring the power of your app into Gmail with Add-ons

Gmail Add-ons let your users access your app's functionality in Gmail with just one tap, no matter the device. They're built on a powerful new framework that lets you trigger workflows based on email content. So whether your app helps track sales leads, log support tickets or generate invoices, Add-ons are the perfect way to provide your offering in context. No more tabbing, copying/pasting or sifting between apps on mobile—Add-ons help your users take care of business right away.

Write once, run anywhere

Developers can write their Gmail Add-on once, and it’ll run natively in Gmail on web, Android and iOS right away. Gmail Add-ons are built in Apps Script using a newly-designed "Card" system that lets you easily combine different UI components. Developers can create a snappy user experience that feels like it was natively built into Gmail. The result: integrations that are cross-platform from the get-go that save your team time.

Interested in building a Gmail Add-on? Get started with our documentation