At a Glance

What they wanted to do:

  • Stable server maintenance without dedicated IT resource
  • Less vulnerability to virus attacks

Google Apps that the company uses:

What they achieved:

  • 15% increase in work efficiency
  • Decrease in email outages, leading to less work disruption and enhanced work continuity
  • Improved administration through Google Forms
  • Greater convenience and efficiency in terms of schedule planning with Google Calendar

About Google Apps

Google Apps is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps you and your team connect and get work done from anywhere on any device. Google Apps includes Gmail, Google Calendar (shared calendaring), Google Drive (online content storage and sharing), and Google Docs, Sheets & Slides (document creation and collaboration).

ECS Telecom safeguards IT stability and data confidentiality with Google Apps


ECS Telecom is a company based in the enterprise communication solutions industry. It is a manufacturer of communications systems and provider of various telecommunication services such as Internet protocol telephony, time division multiple (TDM) exchange systems and convergence contact centre solutions. It also provides integrated maintenance and global consulting services for video conferencing and networking. The company, founded in 1999, is based in Seoul, Korea and has another office in Busan. It employs a total of 140 staff.


With its previous server, ECS Telecom experienced multiple connection issues including frequent in-house network shut downs and virus attacks. Maintaining the IT infrastructure was labour intensive and a challenge for the small IT team at ECS Telecom. Each time the business suffered a server shutdown or virus attack, it would take about three days to recover. This greatly slowed down work continuity and operational efficiency of the business.

"Google Forms has provided a hassle free method of conducting surveys and collating data. Not only can participants easily access surveys, they are also able to complete them in absolute anonymity."

—Mr Cho Won-bin, Product Line Management Leader of ECS Telecom


Aiming to eliminate its server issues and to do away with the labour-intensive in-house server maintenance, ECS Telecom decided to migrate to Google Apps in 2011 with the help of authorised Google reseller, UniConverse. ECS Telecom was particularly impressed with Google Apps’ track record of being a secure and stable solution.


Google Apps has brought about stability to the telecom giant which is important as it enables the telecoms business to stay on top of its game. Its server has since been virus free and is no longer subjected to unanticipated shutdowns. IT resources are also better allocated to more demanding responsibilities as there is no need for in-house IT maintenance experts.

Mr Cho Won-bin, Product Line Management Leader of ECS Telecom said: "Overall work continuity has been enhanced after migration to Google Apps in 2011 as we no longer experience email server failures and delayed recovery time."

"We’re able to concentrate fully on our jobs without worrying about disruptions due to a virus attack or a sudden server shutdown. Work processes flow much more smoothly now that we’re using Google Apps. Our IT team is also able to focus their time on using IT to improve work processes rather than spending time and effort on support and maintenance,"explained Mr Cho.

More importantly, ECS Telecom has been able to achieve greater efficiency when it comes to managing administrative tasks. One example Mr Cho citied was the use of Google Forms to conduct various surveys within the organisation and for their clients.

"Google Forms has provided a hassle free method of conducting surveys and collating data. Not only can participants easily access surveys, they are also able to complete them in absolute anonymity. Previously, we had to conduct surveys using paper forms and have staff drop them into designated boxes to secure the anonymity in order to make a decision in the organisation, which meant a lot of time wasted and administration hassles," he said.

Mr Cho said: "We’ve definitely seen an improvement in work processes and speed and I can confidently say that Google Apps has improved work efficiency by 15%. We truly appreciate Google Apps for making all these possible."

Aside from Forms and Gmail, ECS Telecom is seeing an increasing uptake in the number of employees using Calendar. At present, about 30% of the employees use Calendar to conveniently set up meetings and view team members’ schedules.

"As a telecommunications company, maintaining efficient and reliable communications is at the core of our business. With Google Apps providing us with stability and continuity in our operational processes, we can safely and confidently work on improving telecommunications for our customers,rather than worrying about our solutions’ stability," concluded Mr Cho.