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GF Hoteles: Improving collaboration for 1,200 hospitality workers

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GF Hoteles employees were unable to work fluidly using legacy collaboration tools in place for decades, while the IT department strained to manage the labor-intensive activities required to manage the environment. The company’s leaders knew they needed a more modern productivity suite.

Google Cloud results

Enables lean IT department to support 1,200 employees

• Migrates 1,200 employees to G Suite with no operational disruption
• Improves collaboration within and across hotel properties and teams
• Reduces IT administration burden while enabling simpler, standardized access to tools
• Increases employee adoption and productivity with easy-to-use collaboration tools

Enabling change

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“G Suite has enabled GF Hoteles teams company-wide to work better than ever, thanks to improved collaboration and internal communications, while reducing spend and demands on the IT department.”— Florencio Hernandez, Director, GF-TIC

After decades of using a legacy collaboration and communications solution, GF Hoteles decided to transition to G Suite with the help of Google Cloud Partner Nubalia. GF Hoteles used Nubalia to migrate 1,200 employees across 23 brands to G Suite, as well as for training and development on the productivity suite’s apps.

“I am grateful that we worked with Nubalia,” says Florencio Hernandez, director at GF-TIC, the group that administers IT for GF Hoteles. “They did not just accelerate rollout and meet all of our goals, but they also made us feel confident throughout the migration by keeping everything under control and providing 24-hour support. This was critical since our business operates around the clock.”

Now, with G Suite in place, GF Hoteles has been able to create a frictionless collaboration experience for employees that reduces their dependency on the IT department.

“The biggest improvement has been the ability to develop procedures that remove IT constraints on employees,” says Florencio. “For example, interdepartmental information sharing was always expensive and difficult because IT had to set up and manage the shared folder. With Drive, employees can do that all on their own.”

Thanks to the successful transformation of its business with G Suite, GF Hoteles plans to continue expanding its use of both G Suite and Google Cloud.

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