My, how Google Docs has grown

Built on the idea that no two workplaces are the same, and a lot of them come without cubicles.

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Docs has it all, minus the frustration

We’ve mastered the most common tasks so you can work faster and make it to your meeting (or karate class) on time.

Redlining and commenting
Everyone works in the same document with a unique link, so you can see exactly who made which changes or comments, and when
Spreadsheets that go on and on
With Google Sheets you can have all your data in one place, with support for millions of cells
True, real-time co-authoring
Instant, real-time collaboration for 50 people on any document, on any device, on any continent
Public or private
Keep files private to you or a chosen few, even include an expiration date. Also choose to prevent downloading, printing, or copying.
Individual cell formatting
Google Sheets has a ton of formatting options. You can even format different words within the same cell.
The right fonts for the job
Docs supports more fonts than you can shake a stick at, and in 10 languages, too
Different roles for different folks
Choose between editing, viewing and commenting access for your teammates to streamline the workflow
Easy pivot tables
Transform huge amounts of data into easy-to-read summaries with powerful pivot tables

Break down the office walls

New innovations and shortcuts you’ll never want to work without, whether you’re home or on the road.

Type with your voice

Sometimes when you’re on the go, talking is easier than typing. It even supports 40 languages. How many do you speak?

1-click data visualizations

No more stressing over endless rows of data. The Explore feature in Sheets dynamically creates the perfect charts for making sense of all the information, and provides snippets of text for summarized insights.

Remote control Slides

Say goodbye to the old school clicker. Use the Slides app for Android to control your presentation wherever you are, via Hangouts video call or to a TV via Chromecast and AirPlay.

Search Google without ever leaving Docs

When you’re brainstorming and need some inspiration, find it with the Research feature in Docs. It’s the power of Google Search, without ever leaving the app.

Collect data without the mess

Use Google Forms to create awesome looking surveys and questionnaires. Watch the data roll in real-time and then use Google Sheets to analyze it.

Security Shield Lock

Google's own security

We protect your data the same way we protect our own, with one of the world's most advanced and secure infrastructures. Google’s constant drive for innovation, scale of investments, and agility in operations mean that Google does its best to keep your information safe.

Voice Typing is now in Google Docs Explore Slides presentation controlled from your phone
Control Slides right from your phone Research topics from within the docs app
Use Forms to create surveys and questionnaires

Off to work,
wherever that may be

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