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Share a better way of working with people you know by joining the G Suite Referral or Partner Program.

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Referral Program

Partner Program

Services Partner

Premier Services Partner

Recommend G Suite to people you know and receive a reward for everyone who signs up.

Migrate your customers to G Suite and manage their accounts, including billing.

Get additional benefits after being a successful Services Partner.

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Must be a Services Partner.
What you need to join
Your own G Suite account   Must be a Services Partner
Minimum number of users None 100
100 users across one or more customers.
Credit check  
Other requirements
What's expected
Find new customers
A customer is an organization associated with a G Suite domain.
Annual new business targets  
Minimum of $4k partner-sourced new business per annum.
Service customers    
Manage billing    
What you’ll get
Incentive One-time up to US $30/user
The incentive is paid on the first 100 users per customer. There is no limit to the number of customers you can have.
Up to $10/user/year recurring  
Ongoing program communications      
Public listing in partner directory    
Console to manage customer accounts    
Access to Google Cloud Connect
Our one-stop community for partners to access marketing campaigns, sales content, support resources and training.
Designated partner manager support  
Potential to earn marketing funds  
Co-marketing opportunities with Google  
Access to Premium Customer Network
Includes Trusted Tester Program and road maps.
Exclusive training and events  
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Must be a Services Partner.