With competition tougher than ever, sales teams need to close fast or customers will start looking somewhere else. Here are our top four tips, backed by real-world examples, of how you can work smarter by streamlining processes, staying in sync, and having the right information at your fingertips no matter where you’re working.

1. Stay in sync with instant updates

Specialty Fashion Group is the largest women’s apparel retail group in Australia, with 900 retail outlets and seven online stores. It used to be that sales associates had to wait on emails and faxes for important updates, but with Google Drive they now get up-to-the-minute details on merchandising, promotions, store layouts and markdowns. Faster access to critical information has boosted SFG’s brand, improved operations and helped create a happier, more productive workforce.

Specialty Fashion Group stay in sync with instant updates with Google Drive

Make sure you always have easy online access to the latest product and sales information by using Drive to store the files and folders in the cloud. Everyone shares the same files in the same place, so you always have the right version. And Drive automatically syncs any changes, so the spec sheets, prices and promotions at your fingertips are always up to date.

Because G Suite is so intuitive and easy to use, we were able to skip generations of technology in a single leap.

—Glenn Ryan, Program Management Director, Specialty Fashion Group

2. Work smarter on business trips

With customers in 75 countries, USV Limited is one of India’s leading healthcare companies. But, as the business grew, its workplace technology couldn’t keep up. Sales reports were irrelevant by the time they were collated, and the sales team couldn’t access important work when they were on the road. Now, G Suite lets everyone access all their work from anywhere using laptops, tablets and smartphones. And because salespeople and execs are able to update and analyze reports in real time, USV can respond quickly to market demand.

USV Limited sales team can access all their work from anywhere using laptops, tablets and smartphones with Google Drive

G Suite makes it easy to work on the road so nothing falls behind. Everyone in your company can access and edit docs, check email and update calendars from their laptop, tablet or smartphone—no matter where they are. And they can keep editing presentations and documents even when there's no Wi-Fi or data connection.

One of the biggest wins with Google is enabling our employees to access and share email and documents easily and securely anytime, anywhere, using their laptops, tablets and smartphones. This is game changing, especially for our field sales teams.

—Meheriar Patel, CIO, USV

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3. Streamline sales proposals

KATZ Americas produces custom coasters for bars and restaurants from Alaska to Argentina. Using Drive, the company cut its average time to deliver estimates and design mocks from one week to three days—a sales rep can even use their smartphone with data connectivity to provide a mockup and quote within minutes. Instead of exchanging emails with huge design files, the proposal team creates a single folder in Drive where everyone shares, edits and collaborates on the latest version of all the work.

KATZ Americas employees can share, edit and collaborates on the latest version of all the work with Google Drive

How quickly you get proposals to a customer can make or break a deal, and Drive can help your sales team go from handshake-to-quote within hours. Team members can co-create content at the same time in shared Google Docs and Google Slides. And execs can provide urgent feedback and approvals directly in the work, eliminating back-and-forth emails that slow things down.

G Suite lets us give our customers on-the-spot, personal service, and that gives us a huge advantage over the competition."

-Tom Muraca, Director of Marketing, KATZ Americas

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4. Create a learning portal for the sales team

To create a sales hub for its more than 50 boutique hotels worldwide, Commune Hotels and Resorts turned to Google Drive and Google Sites. Now, more than 100 salespeople across all locations have instant access to the latest version of training documents, marketing campaign materials, promotional assets and property details. With the information for Commune’s entire portfolio now in one place, the company has seen a significant increase in cross-selling across its different hotel chains.

100 salespeople across all locations can access important assets from Commune Hotels and Resorts with Google Sites

With just a couple of clicks, you can create an internal company portal with Sites and use it to share sales and training materials stored on Drive. The portal gives sales reps one easy place to go for important documents, spreadsheets, presentations and videos. And the site is easy to use from anywhere because it automatically restructures for mobile tablets and smartphones.

Now, with Drive and Sites, our entire sales team can go to one single place for all the collateral they need.

—Mike Blake, CIO, Commune Hotels and Resorts

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