Every company has employees with talents and passions and building a strong training program is not just about budget. At Google, we have created the Googler 2 Googler program (G2G) to turn multitalented staff into trainers.

The program has thousands of Googlers volunteering to teach their personal passions to other Googlers in over 2,000 classes. The range of subject matter is vast: From yoga to mindfulness, public speaking to data visualization. Classes are initiated and designed by a Googler with a desire to contribute to a culture of learning.

The G2G program helps make connections in the classroom that span function, team, and level. For volunteer teachers, it’s an opportunity to give back by sharing knowledge, and it helps them deepen their own expertise. With a chance to share and learn new things from the practical to the esoteric, it is an opportunity for enrichment.

Yoga has become a very popular class in the G2G program, and you can now join one of them, thanks to the power of Virtual Reality. View it on YouTube 360 or using Google Cardboard or any other VR gear.

Enjoy, and Namaste!

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    Veronique Lafargue, Senior Product Marketing Manager, G Suite

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    Culture, Transformation, Collaboration, Innovation

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