Google+ for your business

Connect people and ideas in your company

Google+ brings new ways to share and connect with coworkers, partners and customers. Like other tools in G Suite —including Gmail, Google Calendar and Google Drive—Google+ helps your team get things done by working together more naturally. At the same time, enhanced, business-grade security features help keep your private conversations safe.

Google+ lets your team members communicate more freely and efficiently, enabling them to:

  • Share ideas through posts to your company’s Google+ stream.
  • Organize teams for easy collaboration with Google+ Communities.
  • Hold video meetings on laptops, phones and tablets with Hangouts.
  • Work naturally by adding social tools to G Suite.
  • Protect information and control how and when Google+ is used.
Google Plus Screen

Sharing in Google+ lets you discuss projects with colleagues, share ideas and ask questions. Need an expert opinion on a presentation or product design? Simply attach an image, video or document right from Google Drive to the Google+ stream. You can easily mark your post as restricted for extra security, so it won’t accidentally be shared outside your organization.

Communities create a space for workgroups to share information on specific topics. Discuss a new manufacturing innovation with your R&D team, update the West Coast office on holiday party plans, or request feedback on a business plan from the sales strategy group. Communities also help new team members to get up to speed by jumping into the existing conversation.

Hangouts makes it easy to connect with people inside and outside of your company without spending time on travel or money on new hardware. Meet face–to–face with up to 15 colleagues or clients, anywhere in the world, with just a click. Whether you’re talking to a new customer, working with a business partner or interviewing a job candidate, a Hangout is the next best thing to being in the same room.

Integration with G Suite means that your activity on Google+ is a seamless extension of the tools you already use to work together and run your business. Check out a teammate’s recent Google+ post from your inbox. Start a Hangout from Gmail or add it to a Google Calendar invite. Post a file from Google Drive to simultaneously discuss and edit, and then share that document with a Google+ Community to kick off a discussion in the stream.

Business controls let you manage how your organization experiences Google+. To enable different uses for different people, admins can turn on Google+ for the right sets of employees. Admins can also adjust default settings for posts, Hangouts and other items —to help make sure that sharing stays within your organization when you need it to.

  • FeatureDetails
  • ProfilesLet coworkers know what you work on and how to reach you.
  • SharingShare posts with your colleagues and customers, and include all kinds of content: links, images, videos, docs, spreadsheets, presentations and more.
  • HangoutsHold a video meeting with up to 15 people from your laptop, mobile phone or tablet. Get more done with screen sharing and Google Drive integration.
  • CirclesOrganize your social connections in a way that make sense to you, and follow interesting people in your company.
  • CommunitiesConnect and share privately with project teams or work groups organized around a specific topic. Community moderators can control access so your ideas and information stay private.
  • ControlsControl Google+ defaults and settings from the G Suite Admin Panel.
  • MobileUse Google+ on your iPhone, iPad, Android phones or tablets, or any device with a web browser. Start or join a Hangout from the iPhone, iPad or Android app.