Life on the run is the new norm. Employees now spend more time than ever before working outside the office, and being able to access everything they need on whatever device happens to be handy is elemental to being productive and accessible. Even those who spend most of their time at their desk expect to be able to pull up emails on their phone during a meeting or easily collaborate on documents with peers.

Accessibility must be balanced with security, and Google strikes that balance with mobile-optimized products that keep data safe and secure in the cloud.

In this series of videos, we’ll follow along as a fictional executive named Celine puts the mobility and security of G Suite to the test.

1. Celine realizes she left her Chromebook at the airport. She quickly uses Google Hangouts to chat with her IT admin, who disables the device — easy to do, since Chromebooks don’t save data locally, but rather to the cloud.

2. With Google Docs, Celine can use her phone to quickly make and edit notes on the go. Once at her meeting, Celine runs an entire presentation right from her phone — no laptop required.

3. Inbox by Gmail prioritizes Celine's messages and suggests Smart Replies to speed things along. Celine uses its powerful search function to quickly locate information on the go.

4. On her trip to Paris, Celine maximizes her airplane time by switching her files to “offline mode” in Google Drive so that she can work in-flight. Back on the ground, she uses Google Translate to locate her taxi, relying on the camera function so she doesn’t have to type in unfamiliar words.

5. Google Now provides Celine with geographically-relevant information regarding her flight status, directions, the weather, and fun ways to spend her free time in the City of Light.

G Suite allows Celine to easily access all the tools she needs. Whether she’s online, offline, on her mobile phone, at home, in the office, or on the go, Celine knows that G Suite is truly mobile—just like her.

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