Google Cloud Security and Compliance

How Google protects your data

Data Usage

Our philosophy

G Suite customers own their data, not Google. The data that G Suite organizations and users put into our systems is theirs, and we do not scan it for advertisements nor sell it to third parties. We offer our customers a detailed data processing amendment that describes our commitment to protecting customer data. Furthermore, if customers delete their data, we commit to deleting it from our systems within 180 days. Finally, we provide tools that make it easy for customer administrators to take their data with them if they choose to stop using our services, without penalty or additional cost imposed by Google.

No advertising in G Suite

There is no advertising in the G Suite Core Services, and we have no plans to change this in the future. Google does not collect, scan or use data in G Suite Core Services for advertising purposes. Customer administrators can restrict access to Non-Core Services from the G Suite Admin console. Google indexes customer data to provide beneficial services, such as spam filtering, virus detection, spellcheck and the ability to search for emails and files within an individual account.

This whitepaper applies to the following G Suite products:

G Suite, G Suite for Education, G Suite for Government, G Suite for Nonprofit, Drive, and G Suite Business

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