With G Suite, you can harness the power of Google performance, scale, and security in your organization. Google offers businesses, governments, and educational institutions a robust world-scale infrastructure and an unparalleled technology edge in security and data protection. We've scaled our services securely to more than a billion users — now let us help you scale and secure yours.

Data security

Google helps raise the standards for cloud security. Our entire infrastructure was designed for the cloud from day one, with security in mind. We control the entire technology stack — from our servers to your device — so we detect threats early and respond quickly. With Google Enterprise, your organization directly benefits from the protections we build for millions of customers around the globe. Your customers and data can be just as safe. For more, ...

Data privacy

There are no ads in the G Suite core services and Google does not collect, scan, or use data from the core services for advertising purposes. Your data remains your data, and we are dedicated to protecting it. We commit to leading standards in data privacy protection, and we maintain certifications and undergo assessments so you can verify that commitment. For more , ....

Product security

At Google, we believe technology should simplify just about everything — particularly security and compliance. Customer administrators can rest assured knowing that continuous monitoring, patching, and upgrading happens as needed in the background, making it easier to protect users from real-time threats. Google Enterprise frees customers from having to worry about implementing security and lets them focus on their business. For more , ....

Physical security

Google offers a level of physical security that very few companies can match. Our infrastructure is protected by a layered security model, including safeguards like custom electronic access cards, perimeter fencing, metal detectors, biometrics, and laser-based intrusion detection. Only a very small percentage of Google employees can access our data centers, and we keep extensive access logs and activity records. For more , ....

Compliance and certification

G Suite meets rigorous privacy and compliance standards that test for data security and privacy. Independent auditors conduct regular verifications of our data centers, infrastructure, and operations. Google undergoes audits for the most widely and internationally accepted standards, like ISO 27001 for security, ISO 27018 for privacy, and SOC2 and SOC3. For customers operating in regulated environments, such as healthcare, education and the government, G Suite can be used in compliance with HIPAA, FERPA, and FedRAMP. Our products also meet EU data protection requirements through the provision of Model Contract Clauses and a Data Processing Amendment. For more , ....

Google Enterprise offers the most secure platform for professionals, combining a robust world-scale infrastructure with a unique capability to innovate and stay ahead of the curve. Google was born in the cloud and has built security from the ground-up to mitigate the unique threats for cloud systems. We give you the tools you need to manage your data securely and continuously develop better and simpler security tools, for administrators, users and the whole Internet.

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