Groups Cheat Sheet

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Manage and participate in online discussions with Google Groups.

Access your groups, or create new ones.
  1. Switch from public groups to your organization’s groups
    Note: If you create a new group before switching your organization view, your group will be publicly visible and appear in Google Search results. Make sure you create your groups in the right place.
  2. Search for groups and messages  Find groups to join or posted information you need.
  3. View groups you’ve joined
  4. See content you’ve posted
  5. Create a new group  Create a Q&A forum for your customers, a mailing list for your team, and more.
Participate in group discussions.
  1. Post new topics or questions
  2. Participate in a discussion  Click any topic to reply, print discussions, delete messages, and more.
Manage your groups.
  1. Change your Groups settings  Edit membership settings, email subscriptions, update notifications, and more.
  2. Manage selected topics  Close a topic to replies, delete topics, and more.*
  3. Manage group members  Invite or directly add new people, change members’ permissions, remove people from the group, and more.*

*Group owners and managers only