Inbox by Gmail is currently not available for G Suite for Government or G Suite for Education customers.

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  • How does Inbox work with Gmail?

    Think of Inbox as a new way to access your Gmail account. Most of the Gmail features you use (such as your email, drafts, contacts, and labels) are also available in Inbox. Inbox and Gmail stay in sync automatically, so what you do in one carries over to the other. Some features appear in both (for example, “Archive” in Gmail is “Done” in Inbox), and some features are similar but work a bit differently. If you need to use features that are only available in Gmail, switch back to Gmail to use those features. For more information on how Inbox works with Gmail, visit the Inbox Help Center.

  • Can I switch back to using Gmail?

    Yes. After you sign up for Inbox, you can switch between Gmail and Inbox at any time. See Redirect Gmail to Inbox on a computer.

  • Is Inbox replacing Gmail?

    No. We love Gmail, and we’re going to continue to invest in Gmail for the hundreds of millions of people who rely on it every day—including our work, education, and government customers.

  • How do labels from Gmail work in Inbox?

    In Gmail, labels let you organize your messages into categories (such as projects or clients). In Inbox, your Gmail labels show up as bundles, which you can further customize with bundle settings.