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Custom functions that output a 2D array from a common range across multiple sheets.
This add-on adds two functions that both output a 2D array containing values from a common range across multiple sheets. The basic function takes sheets based on their name and the advanced function will iterate through numbered sheets at a configurable step, or use regex match to find matching sheets. These functions allow you to reference multiple sheets at once, without having to add them to your formula manually.
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A User of 3D Reference
February 6, 2018
Love the add-on. I could be able to sum all the cells across the 3d range with the below formula. =sum(DDDREF("first";"last";"A1")) However, when the values in reference cells change, the DDDREF formula do not update accordingly. I need to delete the formula and ctrl+z to recalculate. It would be great if recalculation is performed. BEst regards,
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Mohit Mansinghka
June 4, 2021
Hi was trying to switch from general msexel to google sheets and it is a pain really, =sum(DDDREF("first";"last";"A1")) this is working perfect but when i change the value of A1 in some sheet it does not automatically update, i have to delete it and ctrl Z. some user mentioned this so: =SUM(DDDREF("first";"last";"A1",first!A1,last!A1)) but this is not working for me.
Profile Pciture
A user of 3D Reference
December 19, 2018
Mmmh, can I use SUMIF?
Profile Pciture
A user of 3D Reference
February 19, 2018
Hell Doruk, an update for this issue has just been published. Check out the help page on my website or the 'Replace Functions' option in the add-on menu.
Profile Pciture
A user of 3D Reference
February 8, 2018
Hi Doruk, thanks for the feedback. This is something I'm looking into and I hope to publish the update soon. For a quick fix in the meantime add cell references inside the formula, like so: =SUM(DDDREF("first";"last";"A1",first!A1,last!A1))
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