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Navneet Madhu Kumar
Google Sheets ML Add-On from Aasaanai. Using this application, a user can build, train and use custom ai models. The models may range from sentiment classification, language translation to custom ML models. All within Google Sheets.
Google Sheets Add on for Machine Learning and Data Analysis by Aasaanai. 

Aasaanai is a no-coding platform for building, training, and then using machine learning models for analyzing data. You can train ML models with great accuracy without worrying about data cleaning or selecting relevant features. All this is done automatically by Aasaan.

Through this Google Sheets Add-on you can build and train custom ML models for different use cases all inside the sheets itself, without writing a line of code.
The Add-on includes the following models:
Regression - Train a model for real-valued outputs. 
Classification - Train a model to classify or categorize your inputs.
Forecasting - Use a time series forecasting tool for future predictions.
Text Analysis - Train custom text classifiers in 105 different languages or use standard models for sentiment analysis or keywords extraction.

-- Features -- 

--Training a custom ML Models--
You don't have to write a line of code or worry about cleaning your data. Everything is done automatically.

The Add-on also supports adding trigger which runs the model when a row is updated or a new row is added. The predictions are then added automatically!

Quick Tutorial for using this add-on:

-- Pricing --

Free plan: You can build and use 1 model and have 100 API calls under this plan. Perfect for testing out our models and features.

Mid Plan: You can build and use 3 models and have 20k API calls under this plan. This plan does not include the text analysis module. For $29.99 a month.  

Pro Plan:  You can build and use 10 models and have unlimited API calls under this plan. This plan also includes the text analysis module. For $79.99 a month. 

For more details, visit:
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Sabastian Hunt
September 28, 2020
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Zycus University
August 22, 2020
doesn't work...just shows help...
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A User of Aasaanai ML
May 14, 2020
Super easy to use. And from what I know this is the only tool that allows training and using Machine Learning inside Google Sheets. Especially like the sentiment analysis. Great!
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Profile Pciture
A user of Aasaanai ML
June 30, 2020
can't sign up for a new account, no one answers the chat for support, nor tweets sent to their account. i think it's dead, didn't last much. if not, please send a message, i'm still interested.
Profile Pciture
A user of Aasaanai ML
June 7, 2020
This thing doesn't seem to work. I have wasted a lot of my time on it. Tried uploading a csv file with data from coinmarketcap to run some forecasting/and or prediction's and this solution seemed worthless. It's not worth it.
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