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Accelo combines simple and powerful tools that are good for your business, your team and your clients.
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Make running your business easier with Accelo.

Manage everything from prospect to close in one simple place with smart automation that gives you a 360 degree view of your business, so you and your team can make better decisions with confidence. 


* Automate your operations, workflows, and admin work
* Timesheet across your business, automatically
* Understand your most valuable client relationships
* Forecast team utilization and profitability
* Create invoices knowing billable time is accurate
* Track all your client emails with a shared team inbox
* Run your sales process, track opportunities, and send quotes for projects
* Easily manage ongoing projects or service contracts with auto-billing
* Integrate with Google Apps, Outlook, Xero, JIRA, Zapier, and more!

Focus on your clients while Accelo takes care of the rest. 

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April 18, 2017
Accelo is great. Runs the wold for us.
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April 22, 2016
Great features.
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December 6, 2015
System was ok, not brilliant, used it for a few years. All went smoothly, until end of account. Falsely claimed we owed an extra month, then over 6 months later somehow managed to force through multiple charges on a cancelled credit card, even after finally admitting they were in the wrong. Extremely dodgy company, extreme caution advised when dealing with them.
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March 4, 2016
Hi Andrew - Glad that Accelo fit your needs during your term of use, we were sorry to see you go! The invoice mentioned was raised prior to you canceling your account, although we did void it once you wrote in to us so we could part ways in an amicable manner. Hope that was alright with you. Please reconsider us again if your business automation needs should change. :] Kindly, Alana from Accelo Accounts
May 27, 2015
I Really Want to Like AffinityLive I've wanted to use AffinityLive since March of 2013. The features list is perfect for our 8 person agency. I've always been especially interested in the retainers functionality since they are a majority of our revenue and tracking them can be difficult. In our first attempt using it, we burned through the trial period and spent a few months with a paid account trying to make it work. The workflow at that time was cumbersome and time consuming. We ended up cancelling the subscription and stuck with our old systems. After receiving many emails stating improvements had been made, I decided to give it another go last summer. I requested a new trial, which was quickly granted. The system had definitely improved and the workflow was much better; however, I soon found a bug with the QuickBooks import functionality. The bug was a show stopper. I reported the issue to support and quickly received a response saying that they found the problem, but their developers were too busy working on new functionality to fix it. That was a red flag for me - it would seem that supporting existing functionality should be more important than adding new features. I was a bit disappointed, but decide to wait it and see if the problem would be fixed. I could then give it another shot. Fast Forward to a few weeks ago. It had been 8 months since I reported the issue with the QuickBooks import. I emailed the support person who I had worked with before asking if the issue had been resolved. I received no response after a week. I then emailed their general support asking the same question. Another week passed and still no response. AffinityLive looks promising, but if they keep piling on features without fixing bugs and responding to support requests how can we use it? I'm giving it two stars. I'd give it 5 if they properly supported it and fixed the outstanding bugs.
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November 10, 2016
Google doesn't seem to allow me to edit this review. I would like to give an update that I've given Accelo (formerly AffinityLive) another go and the product is much improved. They have continued to streamline the overall flow and the features, while ever expanding, seem to work better. I haven't gone through everything again, but given the chance to edit this review, I'd change my 2 stars to 4. The reason it wouldn't get 5 stars is that it's sluggish to use. If you watch their (nicely done) tutorial videos, you'll see what I mean. I would recommend giving this product a try.
November 19, 2015
Hey Ken, sorry for the rocky experiences. I'd love to share some more about the Quickbooks issues we've faced (they turned off an API on us because their own code was corrupting things - rewriting things in a weekend was not fun) but that doesn't excuse the lack of support. Since your frustrations we've 3x'ed the client success team and this week we released a whole new product, Accelo, building on the (hard won) lessons of the last few years of building AffinityLive. If you want to have another look we've got the resources to look after you (and everyone else) properly now - building an ambitious tech company as a bootstrapper isn't fun sometimes :-(
April 22, 2014
We've used Affinity Live for quite some time now in a range of use cases (I can't believe I haven't written a review here before!), and sometimes we've ventured off to use other tools where some areas of the software weren't so well developed in years gone by, but we keep coming back. The team at Affinity Live are responsive to feature requests, bug reports and support requests and are both helpful and friendly. There are clear product development roadmaps, so you know what is on the horizon and you can get an idea of where things are going. The software itself has come on leaps and bounds and once you really get your head around all the things it can do, it cuts out hours and hours of needless time wasted trying to juggle between multiple disconnected systems. I absolutely couldn't recommend it highly enough whether you're a small one-man-band or a multi-national, it will save you time, money and will restore your managers' sanity with the great time tracking, resource scheduling and project management features. Thank you guys, you're doing a great job, keep it up!
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April 13, 2013
We've managed to build a fully integrated one-stop-shop business consulting firm that literally would have been impossible without AffinityLive. The system essentially handles all our administration. It allows us to cut out 10 hours of work tracking, proposing, and planning client projects PER CLIENT. Allows everyone to do their job at every level, in every way, and the captures all the data and invoices our clients accordingly. In a firm of 10 consultants, this saves us two full time administrative positions (100K + per year savings) and we are now a totally cloud-based business. Amazing scalability and customization. Awesome support staff, and new features all the time. We're even thinking of becoming their distributor partner in our city. This is by-far the finest program I've seen in the cloud-based era for comprehensive business management. We even recommend it to clients and will be launching one with this system soon.
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January 9, 2013
Since we use AffinityLive our profit doubled! One of the best programs on the market and very suitable for webdesign agencies.
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November 29, 2012
Affinity Live has helped us bring all of our contacts, sales and projects together into one system rather than a variety of time logging tools, separate contact systems, even excel files with critical information that was not tracked to the project. Our account executives are hooked and we don't know how we worked without it.
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November 29, 2012
I've stopped subscriptions to three separate solutions and saved money as well as gained more functionality with one system. There is still some room for improvement, but Affinity Live is getting better and better, and worth a five-star rating.
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November 28, 2012
Designed for professional services, I use it to operate a small consulting business. Product strength is it is designed around simple user defined business processes. Product is well integrated from CRM to invoice. Fully integrated with Google Apps and other useful integrations include well known accounting packages (I use Xero). Project management is simple and effective. Improvements to the user interface design scheduled for 2012 are eagerly awaited. Updates during the year have significantly improved the UI. Integration has been improved so that client emails and contact details are automatically added and visible. I continue to use it to manage my business and have referred colleagues who have also adopted it. Highly recommended.
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November 19, 2015
Awesome to still have you as a loyal and active client three years after this review was posted Anthony!
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April 23, 2017
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