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Accounts Manager
Manages user accounts. Create users, change passwords and organisations. Also delete accounts and change various properties v3.07.7
4,417 users
Works with
The add-on allows admin users to use a spreadsheet to manage the domain's user accounts. You can list details of all current accounts, create new accounts, change some account details:

All features are free for 2 weeks from first use. During that period you can change up to 100 accounts and create up to 100 new accounts. After the initial trial period you will be able to list details of up to 500 accounts so that you can see what data you can retrieve. 

The ability to list all users, to create new users or to change user details in bulk will require an annual subscription of $75.

The account details you can change are:   
First name and surname,
email addresses; 
organisation unit 
Work, home and mobile phone numbers,
Work and home address
Work Id and Title,
Cost Centre
Suspend and
Include in Global Address Directory
Remove Image from profile

You can also see (but not change)
If the user is an admin user
Whether 2 step auth is enforced
Whether the user has signed up for 2 step auth
Date the account was created
Date last used
Days since last used
Google User ID

This add-on could save you a lot of time and effort in managing user accounts. It has been designed primarily for educational users but will be useful to anyone managing google accounts for their domain.
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September 13, 2017
What is the advantage of using this add-on over just using the csv account template that can be downloaded from the console? Does it do something automatically?
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Yes. He synchronizes everything on one sheet. You have an overview of all your accounts and structure (UO). You can not only create, but also modify in batch what is very difficult with the console.
March 15, 2017
not sure exactly waht this app is for
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Cette app. est absolument nécessaire dès que tu as plus de 100 comptes à gérer. This app is absolutely necessary as soon as you have more than 100 accounts to manage.
September 6, 2017
Ferdie it is not helpful to the developer to score the app as a single star if you are not sure what it is for.
March 20, 2017
It is intended to be used bu admins who are managing domains with up to about 10,000 accounts. If your domain is bigger than that you probably have somebody with the time/skills to setup other tools to manage your accounts. If you are not managing the accounts in a domain this is probably of no use to you. Anywhere in between I think it can make your life easier
November 9, 2016
Awesome Stuff, manually using GADS once a year was a pain. Thanks
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A Google User
October 5, 2017
Yes, this is a wonderfully basic tool. Martin Molloy, the developer, is extremely helpful.
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