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Adallom’s cloud application security platform allows you to govern cloud application usage, secure corporate data and detect suspicious activities for any SaaS application.
Adallom enables organizations to proactively secure and govern their data in Google Apps and across multiple SaaS applications. In addition to delivering complete auditing and attestation trails, organizations can address compliance mandates (cloud DLP, eDiscovery), govern appropriate file-sharing activities and protect data from threats. By analyzing data sets across multiple cloud applications with our SmartEngine heuristics, as well as incorporating context and threat intelligence from Adallom Labs, Adallom establishes patterns of “normal” so anomalous behaviors can be identified. 

The Adallom cloud application security platform allows you to:
• Centralize IT controls for all SaaS applications in your environment.
• Gain clear and actionable visibility into Google Apps users, devices, file-sharing activities and access
• Address regulatory mandates (cloud DLP, eDiscovery) for Google Apps 
• Define and enforce policies on access - which user, device, location may access Google Apps
• Define and enforce granular file usage - “allow view but not download on unmanaged device”

Adallom configuration options include API mode where Adallom communicates with Google Apps APIs for an out-of-band implementation, SmartProxy™ configuration where traffic is redirected through the Adallom cloud or a hybrid of both modes. These modes provide flexibility for users and IT with the ability to secure both data-at-rest and data-in-motion for managed and unmanaged devices. The Adallom platform can also be extended to enable visibility and protection across homegrown applications. 

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