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Advanced Find & Replace
Lets you to easily find and replace text with other formatting in Slides.
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Advanced Find & Replace add-on for Google Slides revolutionizes your experience by saving your time to search and replace items such as text and/or/with formatting. Also lets you to extend your search by using regular expressions to find words or phrases that contain specific characters or combinations of characters.

Trial period: 15 days

- Find and replace formatting with regular expressions
- Find using AND, OR, NOT formatting conditions
- Replace with escape characters
- Replace text or with formatting (below)
- Find & Replace with formatting such as
	* bold
	* italic
	* underline
	* strikethrough
	* left
	* center
	* right
	* none
	* subscript
	* superscript
	* small caps	
	* font name
	* font size
	* background color
	* foreground color
	* link url
Susanne Hahn
April 7, 2019
The advanced find and replace add-on offers additional tools that isn't offered in Google Slides. It allows you to not only change the font style and size to a different style and size throughout your slides document but it also lets you change the colour too. Being able to do this allows me to streamline my work and is a feature I know I can use time and time again. The only glitch, which is due to how Google operates and not the add-on itself, is to select and change around 10 pages at a time as it can time out. Very useful add-on.
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A User of Advanced Find & Replace
August 10, 2018
I had a whole bunch (maybe 15) presentations, each with around 40 slides. On most of those slides was code, which I'd color coded. After I made all those slides I realized that the colors I had chosen didn't meet accessibility standards, so I had to go back and change each bit of text with the wrong color on literally hundreds of slides, without changing the other colors in the same text area. Honestly I thought I was screwed until I found this add-on. It let me just go in to each presentation and do a few find/replaces to fix the entire presentation. I also wound up having some font issues and it let me easily fix those too. Really great add-on.
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