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Affixa Enterprise
Integrates legacy desktop software with Google Apps Mail
898,145 users
Many legacy desktop applications have the built-in capability to send emails. You need Affixa to make these features work with Google Apps Mail.

Affixa is a Simple MAPI and "mailto" handler for Mail. 

It's simple - When Affixa receives an email from an application, it does its job quickly and simply, then disappears. No end-user training is required.

It's loved By users - productive users are happy users! Affixa lets them continue using the familiar and time-saving email features of their legacy desktop software.

It's easy to configure - Affixa's behavior can be customized via our App and any changes or updates are picked up by all your users automatically.

It's secure - works with SSO and two-factor authentication out of the box. Emails are only ever sent directly to Google's servers using HTTPS via official APIs.

Has excellent support - we're a small business that's passionate about our product. You'll get fast, personable support whenever you need it and a commitment to free updates.
A Google User
November 26, 2017
Just started the trial and setup was fine. Works well. Just need up to 10 sec to establish the e-mail but otherwise all okay. I did send attachments via MS Word to different e-mail accounts.
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March 13, 2017
Impossible to set up. Hyperlinks in the instructions go to non existent pages. Total waste of time
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September 28, 2016
Would not work with Windows 10 and MS Word 2003 and gives no error messages to indicate why or how to fix. Affixia support could not help either.
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June 30, 2015
Issues with multiple Google accounts logged in, created the draft in the correct place, but opened the "default" Google account, which wasn't always the Google Apps for Business account
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