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Amazon ASIN Lookup
Tool for Amazon sellers - returns complete in bulk amazon's ASIN info for selected list of identifiers (UPC, EAN, Keywords etc.).
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Are you an Amazon seller and would like to collect complete product details from a list of products (perhaps to populate your site or catalog)?
Do you need to match a list of UPC's (or another type of identifier) to the accurate ASIN's?
Do you have large lists of products from suppliers and need to lookup and filter the profitable ones in bulk (by calculating Amazon selling price, fees etc.)?

Then this tool is for you! A friendly yet powerful tool built direct into google sheets as an add-on that gives a simple solution to all above situations and more. And because it's built in google sheets there is no need to upload/download anything plus you can take advantage of all the powerful functions, formulas and features of this wonderful interface!


Accepted Identifiers:
Keywords (premium version only)


Returned fields (by selection):
Product Info (ASIN, Title, Category, Features, Image URL and more)
Selling Performance Info (Rank, Listings count, BB Price and more)
Fees Info (Referral fees, FBA fees and more)

Free trial: 20 lookup calls of up to 5 identifiers each (keywords not included).

Premium (monthly subscription): unlimited lookup calls of large lists of identifiers - including keyword type (see inside add-on for more info).


Beware: this add-on functionality will work for Amazon PROFESSIONAL sellers only (that have a professional - not Individual - selling plan) as it requires the Amazon API credentials that are provided to those accounts only.

Disclaimer: This app was not created or endorsed by Amazon.
A User of Amazon ASIN Lookup
February 11, 2020
Excellent App and good customer support
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A User of Amazon ASIN Lookup
February 7, 2020
Great product! We use it for the premium subscription and can run only 250 per/request. It's great for pretty small batches and spits out the retrieved data in perfect format. We're looking to scale up and can't wait for the developers to build upon this so that it has some functionality for larger requests!
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A User of Amazon ASIN Lookup
March 6, 2019
Even the paid version allows max 300 lookups at a time. I need to lookup 30-50k EANs daily - absolutely not suitable. Just for small sellers.
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Leonard Salczer
November 22, 2018
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A User of Amazon ASIN Lookup
August 29, 2018
It does not work without Amazon key, it was of no use at all and not sure it would work as it says, their other product walmart lookup does not work too
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A user of Amazon ASIN Lookup
July 22, 2019
In Tims reply - do you have any examples of the cheaper repricing software that worked for you ?
A user of Amazon ASIN Lookup
September 6, 2018
Amazon credentials are needed so this app can access Amazon MWS service. But...this product is very limited. The trial version allows for only 5 items and you can only run the app for 20 times. So 100 items you can lookup for free. The paid version is $24.95 a month and has unlimited lookups but....and it is a BIG but...each lookup is limited to just 300 items. Repricing software can handle a lot more data for much less cost. This product needs a lower price and a quota upgrade.
A User of Amazon ASIN Lookup
August 9, 2018
Why are you asking for my amazon credentials to search up items?
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A user of Amazon ASIN Lookup
September 6, 2018
This product only works if you have an Amazon Professional selling account which includes MWS credentials. The link to Amazon MWS would not work for me.
Luke Hagenbach
January 11, 2018
Why do you need such global access to Google Sheets? Can't you just ask for permission to view and manage your own data in Sheets or pages created with your tool in Sheets? It seems unnecessary and an overreach to need access to our entire Google Sheets database of data.
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A user of Amazon ASIN Lookup
April 22, 2018
I agree! totally unacceptable in our times.. pleas narrow permissions to manage only the app's data
A user of Amazon ASIN Lookup
January 18, 2018
I agree. I'm also wondering why they need my MWS credentials. The information being returned has nothing to do with my seller account.
Joe Nilsen
July 30, 2017
This tool has been brilliantly developed. I have no idea how it has been kept such a secret, but I can only assume that word is going to get out and it is going to be a standard tool for any serious Amazon seller.
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A user of Amazon ASIN Lookup
July 22, 2019
Joe Can you advise how to set up the amazon credentials as I would like to trial this app before signing up to the $24 per month.
David Ford
April 24, 2017
This is great for pulling data including image URL's for bulk eBay listings using Amazon data.
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A User of Amazon ASIN Lookup
February 7, 2017
Brilliant! This is the simplest most user friendly tool out there to help me research products for Amazon. Exactly what I needed!
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