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Select any Amazon Seller Central Business Reports and FBA Reports, and automatically download it into Google Sheets spreadsheet and configure it to automatically update daily.
This add-on will save you time and automatically download your Amazon Seller Business Reports and FBA Reports and automate them to keep them always updated.

Select date range and link a specific Amazon Seller Central Business Report or FBA Report to refresh at specified time intervals everyday right into a Google Sheet tab.

This Google sheet add-on can pull the following Amazon Seller Central Business Reports and FBA Reports:

Inventory Reports
- Inventory Report
- All Listings Report
- Active Listings Report
- Inactive Listings Report
- Open Listings Report
- Open Listings Report Lite
- Open Listings Report Liter
- Canceled Listings Report
- Sold Listings Report
- Listing Quality and Suppressed Listing Report
- Global Expansion Opportunities Report
- Referral Fee Preview Report

Order Reports
- Unshipped Orders Report
- Requested or Scheduled Flat File Order Report
- Flat File Order Report

Order Tracking Reports
- Flat File Orders By Last Update Report
- Flat File Orders By Order Date Report
- Flat File Archived Orders Report

Returns Reports
- Flat File Returns Report by Return Date
- CSV Prime Returns Report by Return Date
- Flat File Return Attributes Report by Return Date

Performance Reports
- Flat File Feedback Report

Settlement Reports
- Flat File Settlement Report
- Flat File V2 Settlement Report

Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA) Reports
- FBA Amazon Fulfilled Shipments Report
- Flat File All Orders Report by Last Update
- Flat File All Orders Report by Order Date
- FBA Customer Shipment Sales Report
- FBA Promotions Report
- FBA Customer Taxes
- FBA Amazon Fulfilled Inventory Report
- FBA Multi-Country Inventory Report
- FBA Daily Inventory History Report
- FBA Monthly Inventory History Report
- FBA Received Inventory Report
- FBA Reserved Inventory Report
- FBA Inventory Event Detail Report
- FBA Inventory Adjustments Report
- FBA Inventory Health Report
- FBA Manage Inventory
- FBA Manage Inventory - Archived
- Restock Inventory Report
- FBA Inbound Performance Report
- FBA Stranded Inventory Report
- FBA Bulk Fix Stranded Inventory Report
- FBA Inventory Age Report
- FBA Manage Excess Inventory Report
- FBA Fee Preview Report
- FBA Reimbursements Report
- FBA Returns Report
- FBA Replacements Report
- FBA Recommended Removal Report
- FBA Removal Order Detail Report
- FBA Removal Shipment Detail Report
- Small & Light Inventory Report

Tax Reports
- Sales Tax Report

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