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Apptivo Contacts Sharing
Share the Google Contacts in your organization for free with Apptivo and improve productivity by keeping contacts up to date for everyone. Also get CRM capability with Apptivo and do even more.
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Many users of Google Apps for Business are interested in sharing their contacts across the organization. Apptivo makes this possible with Google Contacts Sharing. With a simple set up, in Google Contacts, two new groups are created - Apptivo Employees and Apptivo Contacts. All employee and business contact information is now shared across all employees.


(1) Share business contacts company-wide
(2) Get an employee directory or address book of your co-workers
(3) Know email sender’s complete contact details when you receive an email in gmail
(4) Synchronize contacts company wide on all devices - iPhone, Android phone, iPad, tablet, Outlook etc.
(5) Supports unlimited users and contacts (10 users in free plan)
(6) Administrator can enable Google Contacts Sharing for all or only specific employees
(7) Integrates with Apptivo CRM for full fledged CRM capability
(8) Replication of Google contacts in Apptivo
(9) Two way sync between Google Contacts and contacts in Apptivo's CRM
(10) Completely free for businesses & non-profits


(1) Keep contacts up to date company-wide for everyone
(2) Save time and money
(3) Have the information to reach your contacts anytime from anywhere
Spencer Li
June 27, 2019
Excellent customer support through the chat functionality or through screen sharing sessions.
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Jamie Teig
December 8, 2016
great app, really fills a need that google doesn't accommodate (a company-wide shareable, editable rolodex); very patient with me as i trouble-shoot (removing and adding employees).
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Admin Shomrei Emunah
October 19, 2016
you can only send 50 emails at one time unless you go to the considerable trouble to setting up a "bulk campaign". So if you have a sales team of 51 people you are outta-luck for emailing them. This seems like a crazy limitation.
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Maureen Kelly
August 19, 2015
It screwed up our contacts, and worse there is no support to get it fixed, don't recommend!
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Rabbi Vigler
September 24, 2014
Excellent solution, great support.
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Mikki Tavernit
September 19, 2014
2 way sync with google work accounts that keep your calendar, contacts, emails, and task list up to date - here AND there! <3<3<3 Love it!
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Jan Cerny
January 30, 2014
I wrote details in their CRM app, but this app is worth just to run on its own. Very smart.
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Carl Ball
January 30, 2014
I would like to update my impressions. The support on this app was excellent! We now have it up and running and it is doing everything we wanted it to do. I love it and highly recommend it for shared contacts.
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Jonathan Sedley
July 25, 2013
This app gave me exactly what I needed - a quick-synchronising, simple to use, bug-free shared contacts folder in the 2 gmail accounts used by my small company. Now all I need do to share a contact is give it the "Apptivo Contacts" label which takes all of about 2 seconds, and it appears in the other gmail account within minutes. Even though I am a free user, I was still given instant realtime support via online chat, when I was having a little trouble setting it up (I'm not very tech-savvy!) Yep, highly recommended!
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Amy Greene
July 18, 2013
We have a small office with only two employees. It is crucial that we we be able to share our contacts and have them on-the-go as well. Apptivo offers exactly that. We started using it just for sharing contacts and now are expanding to use the full function of the CRM. I had difficulty syncing one of the users and I was helped immediately via chat support. Maggy helped me through it, even when Google had changed their admin console. She was fantastic help and our problem is resolved. I highly recommend this product.
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