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Write your scientific manuscript without leaving Google Docs.
Yuval S
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*For details about permissions requested by this add-on, please scroll down*

Articul8 integrates into Google Docs to quickly insert, auto-number and format figures, tables and equations; edit high-quality LaTeX equations; and export your document as Markdown, TeX or use LaTeX to typeset it into a beautiful PDF.

Some of the key features of this add-on:
  - Add and edit complex math expressions using LaTeX in your Google Doc.
  - Add auto-numbering to figures, tables and equations. Add links to all numbered items.
  - Export your document along with all the figures in full resolution, to Markdown or TeX format. Save it to your PC, your Google Drive or your Gmail. 
  - Don't lose your equations or cross-references - all equations will be automatically converted to LaTeX and your cross-references are kept in tact during export.
  - Typeset your document beautifully as if it was a TeX document, directly to PDF.

Articul8 is developed by an independent developer, and this is its initial public release. I have been working on this project over weekends and holidays for a long time now, and am eager to get it out there. Please, send me feedback via the integrated feedback command in the add-on menu. I expect there to be a few issues in the beginning, with the first few users, and would hope you won't give up on the add-on quickly, but rather write to me. You can also contact me directly via the e-mail listed here in the Web Store listing. 

Currently this add-on requires quite extensive permissions, and as someone who cares about privacy and users of his product, I feel obliged to explain how these permissions are used and the reason they are required:
1. Access to files on your Google Drive - used during the export process, should you choose to export to Google Drive. Saves the export output to the same folder as the document you have export.
2. Send e-mail - used during the export process, should you choose to export to Gmail. Sends a letter to yourself.
3. Access to Google Docs documents - if you have any figures in a document you are exporting, a temporary document is created with a copy of all your figures, is export in a way that preserves the resolution of the figures, and is them immediately trashed. This special process must be done in order to preserve the figures' quality, and the alternative would be to do this process with the current document - which would be much slower and prone to bugs.
4. Access to external scripts - this may include:
4.1. Javascript libraries hosted on CloudFlare's CDNJS (e.g. JQuery, MathJAX) - used for features that appear in the dialogs and sidebar, such as rendering of LaTeX equations.
4.2. Assets located on my web server - used for features that appear in the dialogs and sidebar, such as the Quick Start images. 
4.3. Accessing the Google Docs API during the export process to obtain extra data in the document not directly available via Google Docs Apps Script.

A User of Articul8
August 11, 2019
Works very well, and supports all kinds of formulas where other add ons fail
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Christoph Walker
March 24, 2019
Won't uninstall
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A User of Articul8
February 27, 2019
works efficiently, tested on math and stats
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