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View info and take action on issues, pull requests & pipelines from Jira Cloud and Bitbucket Cloud.
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When you receive an email containing a link to a Jira Cloud issue, or a Bitbucket Cloud pull request, issue or pipeline, you'll be able to use the Atlassian Cloud for Gmail Add-on to view the latest information about it.

You'll also be able to take actions on the item – such as adding a comment, assigning an issue or merging a pull request – all without leaving your inbox.

The Atlassian Cloud for Gmail Add-on transforms your inbox into mission control, as it:
- Works with any type of email containing links to issues, pull requests or pipelines from Jira and Bitbucket - whether it's an email from a colleague or an Atlassian product.
- Displays rich, up-to-date information about the Jira or Bitbucket work item, such as the current status, assignee, and the latest comments.
- Simplifies your workflows by allowing you to take action from your inbox: add comments, assign and transition issues, merge pull requests and rerun pipelines.
- Works seamlessly across all of your devices, owing to add-ons being supported in the Gmail app.
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16 tháng 7, 2019
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14 tháng 5, 2019
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5 tháng 4, 2019
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