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Awesome Table
Display a Google Sheet's content into various types of views: From a simple table to people directories, Gantt chart views, Google Maps, card views…
Romain Vialard
7,536,543 users
Looking for a nice and easy way to display your spreadsheet? Awesome table will make your table look cool !
Turn a simple Google Sheet into a graphic and clear display on your website. People directories, interactive maps, card views… Browse through our template gallery to find the layout you need and start presenting your data, the awesome way! Interactive filters and many more cool features are waiting for you. Join now for free!
Awesome Table can be used in the classic & new version of Google Sites. You can also use it in any other website, intranet, CMS. All you need to start is a Gmail or G Suite (Google Apps) account.
Awesome Table lets you display the content of a Google Sheet into various types of views: From a simple table to people directories, Gantt chart views, Google Maps, card views… There are many possibilities to suit your personal and professional needs. With it, data in Sheets are shown in a more functional way and can be shared to anybody.
Business, non-profit or personal, Awesome table is suitable for any kind of use and any kind of CMS/ website: Google Site (classic and new),  Wordpress, Joomla!, Drupal, ExpressionEngine, Text Pattern, Contao, Silver Stripe, Umbraco, Concrete 5, Cushy CMS, ModX...
Awesome Table helps you set up any data for a more comprehensible display: Item list, performance statistic, business report, project scheduling, audience rating, product catalog, announcement list, photo gallery, FAQ, online bookstores, video library, people directory, project portfolio, weekly planner, task manager, product inventory, marketing action plan, contact list, movies gallery, lead tracking...
Display Spreadsheet Data in beautiful and functional views
Having a hard time displaying your data in an easy-reading way? Give your table a nice and friendly-user view with one of our templates. Awesome Table provides a view for many purposes. Choose within a wide range of available layouts: 
- Table View: Use the Table view to display a list of information, announcement list... 
- Cards View: Use the Cards view to display products catalogs, business cards...
- Gantt Chart: Use the Gantt Chart view to oversee projects more efficiently using filters
- People Directory: Use the People Directory view to browse through profiles and add useful information to them
- Video Gallery: Use the Video Gallery view to display your media files with comments on them
- Advanced Summary: Use the Advanced summary of responses to improve the display of form responses and facilitate data mining
- Maps View: Use the Maps view to search areas through the interactive map with useful information (eg. best restaurants, libraries…)
Advanced users: Take control of the layout with templates
Can’t find a template that match your requirement ? Customize existing templates into the view you need. Templates allow you to properly separate data and layout. You can add HTML, CSS and JavaScript to create a view that perfectly matches your needs. Personalize the layout of your data for a friendly-user experience on your website: Decide what to display and how to display it. 
Easily sort out data with interactive filters.
Give your audience an easy way to run through your tables content. Narrow a search and easily browse through your data with interactive filters. Add one or several filters to a view for a better user experience. Many types of filters can be combined for texts, numbers, dates, categories,...
Use Add-ons to uncover new possibilities
Awesome Table add-ons are smaller but easy-to-use, powerful scripts that can be installed directly within the Google Spreadsheet user interface, and use Awesome Table to display data. They answer  specific needs like listing places on a map, listing files on a Google Drive, or building a directory of Google Sites from a G Suite domain. 
- Files Cabinet: Automatically list files from a selected folder in Drive and display them in a nice view
- Geocode: Get GPS data super-easily and create an Awesome Table map view in seconds
- People directory: List all users from a Google Apps domain. Choose between 2 templated views
- Sites Catalog: List all Google Sites you have access to (admins can list all sites on a domain)
- Publication Workflow: Create workflows in seconds to automate publication validation process
- Advanced Summary: Easy data mining on your Google Form results
- Photo Gallery: Create a gallery from photos in a Google Drive folder
Awesome Table Updates and Releases
30/03/2017 : Display images and links in your Awesome Table views without using HTML templates
With our new column types in Awesome Table, you can easily display images and links, without need of HTML templates
13/03/2017 : New template gallery available in the Awesome Table website!
Highly inspired by Google UIs, discover our new template gallery freshly released in Very easy to use, try it now and create many beautiful Awesome Table views!
04/01/2017 : Awesome Table - Year in Review - 2016
Initially a simple gadget for Google Sites, Awesome Table evolved a lot and is now a real web app. Read this article to discover all changes and improvements that we made in 2016!
11/10/2016 : Awesome Table - A better view builder
The web app has evolved again! We have completely reshaped the editor to create Awesome Table views, and we wanted to make it as user-friendly and convenient as possible. But that's not all: Further changes are yet to come, so discover them in this article!
24/08/2016 : Awesome Table - A new authentication flow
In August 2016, Google announced on the Apps Updates blog 'enhanced third-party access protection for Google Sheets'. This means that tools like Awesome Table must now ask for explicit authorization before a user can view data from Google Sheets.
24/06/2016 : Awesome Table is now available in the new version of Google Sites
Good news! Awesome Table will remain compatible with the new version of Google Sites. It will also be easier to embed your Awesome Table view with the new Google Sites. So enjoy this!
12/04/2016 : Using an Awesome Table template has never been easier!
Want to get started with Awesome Table? Discover our new option to copy easily a template and adapt it in order to create beautiful views in a few clicks!
07/04/2016 : New dashboard, easy sharing and more in!
Your website has been completely redesigned to make it more convenient for you! Read this article to find out the major changes that will highly improve your experience with Awesome Table.
17/12/2015 : Awesome Table: Revision of the numeric filters
The Awesome Table DateFilter and NumberRangeFilter were completely re-made from scratch! As for the Cards view, the main idea is to improve the mobile support.
21/07/2015 : A brand new Cards view!
The Cards view changed! We completely rewrote it keeping responsiveness and flexibility in mind. You can now use it to display nicely aligned grids of cards. The layout will stay correct even on a mobile or when the browser is resized.
January 4, 2018
5/5 stars for this 'awesome' app
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January 1, 2018
absolutely love it!!! cant possibly get a better tools for simple analytics. best apps for analytics and visualisation
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December 16, 2017
I cannot imagine how I would have created our website without this app. Highest possible rating!
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November 25, 2017
This is by far the best app I can use to display my students' grade using the filter option.
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November 17, 2017
One of the most used apps for me to make websites look awesome. Also better at analyzing data than the spreadsheet itself.
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A Google User
November 14, 2017
I couldn't get on to the site because of netnanny can you help me disable netnanny
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December 18, 2017
November 6, 2017
It is just the most amazing thing to use for data. Documentation for configuration and tweaking could be improved/developed, but mostly just fantastic. Please keep up the good work. For a non profit like us, this makes a huge difference to our work.
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November 1, 2017
Solving so many tasks!!! Great work!!!
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October 25, 2017
links always say "trouble loading embed preview" and don't work after you copy the share link and embed (even though in the awesome table website the preview does work). this is even just using their template unmodified... as well as trying to create new ones for New Google Site...
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November 7, 2017
Hello ! Awesome Table use the spreadsheet sharing right to display the view, so you must not forget to share your spreadsheet with the intended audience ( You will also find great help for these issue on our G+ community (
October 8, 2017
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