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Send email as pdf directly into Beanworks/
With the Beanworks G-Suite Add-On, you can easily send your invoice into your account at or .

When you open any email, you can click on the Beanwork icon to open the add-on , you account in G-Suite will be automatically linked to the Auto Capture email address in or and you can forward any email to Auto Capture by click on the "Send To Beanworks" button.

Alternatively, if your organization has a centralized accounts payable department email that you need to send your invoices to, you can override the email forward address by clicking on the "Override email address" link, and then you can type any email address for which the pdf of your email will be sent to when you click on the "Send To Beanworks" button. When you click on the reset button on the settings screen, your Auto Capture email address will be assoicated with your add-on again.

To view what has been sent to or, simply go to your 'sent' folder in Gmail and search or '[pdf]' which is automatically added to the title whenever a new email is sent through the add-on.

For any questions or to sign up to automate your accounts payable, please go to
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Samson Assefa
December 3, 2020
Samson Assefa Gebrehiwot
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Tom Lei
July 7, 2020
Love it
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