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BEE Templates for Gmail
Beautifully designed email templates for your Gmail™ messages.
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It's time to level up your email messages with professional ready-to-use Gmail templates 
including event promotions, invitations, greeting cards, thank you notes, startup presentations, 
blog updates, job alerts, product announcements. BEE Templates for Gmail is totally free.

No registration is required to use the BEE email templates within your Gmail™ account: just install 
the add-on and start creating cool emails!

Use "BEE Templates for Gmail" whenever style matters, including:

- Surprise your friends with fun get-together invites.
- Send "Happy Holidays" greeting cards your family will love.
- Motivate your employees or teammates with visually rich messages.
- Say "Happy Birthday" like you really mean it.
- Introduce yourself with style when applying for your dream job.
- Impress potential investors with your new startup project.
- Send a message that will melt her heart.
- Create event invitations that can't be turned down.

Need more design and customization super-powers?

- Change colors.
- Edit email structure.
- Drag and drop new elements in your email.
- Search for free-to-use pictures, add filters, resize them.

Just try the BEE editor at https://beefree.io. It's completely free!

If you like beefree.io, upgrade to BEE Pro for more features, including adding your favorite fonts, 
save your emails into projects, one-click push to Gmail, MailChimp, MailUp, SendGrid and much 
more. You have a 15 days free trial for this upgrade, no credit card required.

BEE Templates for Gmail is brought to you free of charge by the BEE team at beefree.io. Help us 
improve this handy Gmail add-on with new templates and features by sharing this short video 
with your friends and colleagues on your favorite social networks. This is a young project and we 
need your help :wink: Many thanks!!

Some users reported that sometimes the add-on does not show up in the sidebar. We are in 
touch with the Gmail team: they are aware of the problem & looking into it. Please leave us your 
email here: http://beefree.io/gmail-templates/ we'll update you as soon as this problem will be 
fixed. Thanks!

While BEE-designed messages follow best practices for modern HTML email, please note that the 
Gmail™ composer strips parts of the code that our templates use to display the mobile version. 
Therefore, messages will always display the desktop version when sent with Gmail™. If you need 
mobile-ready messages to be used with an email marketing application, check out https://

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Usuario de Google
26 de marzo de 2019
No funciona
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24 de marzo de 2019
no funciona la aplicacion
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Usuario de Google
21 de marzo de 2019
Funciona genial. Espero que se vaya ampliando el catálogo de plantillas sin tener que pasar por el editor de beefree :)
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21 de febrero de 2019
Nothing works. Everything promised is not real.
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Usuario de Google
26 de diciembre de 2018
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Usuario de Google
9 de noviembre de 2018
No funciona nada
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12 de octubre de 2018
Muy bueno estos templates pero no se porque a veces no aparecen las imagenes de las plantillas..!!
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Usuario de Google
11 de octubre de 2018
Mala aplicacion, no funciona muy bien, y es complicada, los templates gratis son muy pocos.
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Hola. Gracias por el feedback. Estamos ya trabajando en nuevas plantillas 🙂. ¿Podrias por favor indicarnos los puntos que resultan complicados? Tus comentarion nos podrian ayudar a mejorar.
3 de octubre de 2018
No hace nada. abro u correo nuevo y no sucede nada. QUe pena porque pinta bien
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12 de septiembre de 2018
Me parece muy buena herramienta. Las plantillas son fáciles de editar y se visualizan muy bien en dispositivos móviles y de escritorio.
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