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BigQuery Uploader for Sheets
Google Sheets add-on which allows you to upload multiple sheets in bulk from your Google Sheet into Google BigQuery with one click!
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Ever wondered how to upload MULTIPLE sheets in bulk from one Google Sheet into Google BigQuery? Look no further. You just found solution!

As you may already know, BigQuery web UI allows you to use a Google Sheet as data source for your BigQuery tables. The problem is that it can only be ONE sheet from your Google Sheet. On the top of that, it’s always the FIRST sheet created in your Google Sheet.  

Our FREE BigQuery Uploader for Sheets solves both problems - you can upload multiple sheets from your Google Sheet or just one sheet regardless whether it was created as the first sheet in the doc or not. 

The setup is quite easy process. After adding our add-on into your Google Sheets, start with pressing “Create Config Sheet” button via add-on’s menu. This will create new sheet called “BqUploadConfigSheet”, where you just enter your project ID, dataset ID and table name. You can also choose if you want to truncate existing table in Big Query or if you want to just append the rows from the current sheet to your BigQuery table. When you are done, just press “Upload Sheets” button and let the magic work for you. Few seconds later, you will see status of your upload on the newly created “BqLogSheet” and you should see your tables in BigQuery.
Miroslav Gospodinov
September 14, 2019
Extremely useful, my team is using it every day
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A user of BigQuery Uploader for Sheets
September 18, 2019
Hi Miroslav, thx for the feedback. Mythical Reports
A User of BigQuery Uploader for Sheets
May 13, 2019
Very useful! But why do you use BQ table's name as lower case?
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A user of BigQuery Uploader for Sheets
July 25, 2019
Hi Jake, the reason is to be on the safe side and to prevent possible duplications. Mythical Reports
Olha Pastushuk
January 24, 2019
Great add-on, you get the upload done in few seconds, the steps are straightforward. I already had my BigQuery Project IDs automatically available in the sheet for preselection, which was helpful. I found that if you click on support here, you can go to their facebook group to ask questions.
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Daniel Zrust
January 24, 2019
Love it! Does exactly what it says. Also, their support is great.
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