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BoltMail helps your team manage deliveries to the office. Using computer vision, we help you quickly process deliveries and auto notify recipients on your team.
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BoltMail helps your team manage package deliveries to the office.

Modern teams get lots of personal mail delivered to the workplace because they might miss a delivery to their home, but more office deliveries means more boxes to keep track of.

BoltMail takes the hassle out of package processing and mailroom management. Quickly process mail in bulk and automatically generate an organized mailroom inventory. 

BoltMail integrates with your team's communication system so that you can easily notify your teammates when their mail is ready to be collected.

When you need to distribute mail, simply scan the package to find the owner. Have multiple office locations? BoltMail is the cloud based digital mailroom that grows with your team, so you can process mail at different locations but keep track of it in one.

Receiving too many deliveries to the office? BoltMail let's you assign delivery allowances to your team so that you can set fair limits to the amount of packages which can be shipped to the office.

BoltMail features:
- Process mail in bulk and notify the owner using your team's communication platform.
- Computer vision reads the recipients name from the label so you can send auto delivery notifications
- Automatically generate and track your mailroom inventory.
- Keep track of how long packages have been in the mailroom and send collection reminders.
- Rapid package distribution by scanning package barcodes.
- Delivery allowances for your team lets you manage how much mail can have delivered to the office.
- Create multiple mailrooms so you can keep track of mail delivered at different office locations.

Take the headache out of processing mail for your team. Let your teammates know when their mail has arrived and send reminders when they have forgotten to collect their items.

BoltMail is mail management made simple!
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