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Connect Google Forms - Calendar; Auto synchronize; The Form's submitter book your events
Google (Forms + Calendar) = Powerful scheduling system
(Customers book your Google Calendar events through Google Forms)
- Unlimited daily bookings
- Free 31 first bookings
- From the 32nd time, it costs less than $ 0.001 per booking
- No monthly fee
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A User of Calendar event Booking
February 25, 2020
Very simple and easy to use. It removes that extra layer of administration required to create a calendar invite after someone submitted the form. Note though that it is only free for the first 31 bookings. While there is payment by the 32nd booking, I still see the fee as very reasonable compared to the effort that it takes to maintain calendar bookings :)
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Thanh Viet Do
February 27, 2020
I agree with this review
A User of Calendar event Booking
January 15, 2020
does not tell you you have to pay!!!
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A user of Calendar event Booking
May 5, 2020
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A user of Calendar event Booking
January 17, 2020
It offers 31 first bookings for free. Paid booking price is only $ 0.001 / booking
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