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CallHub lets you call and SMS/text your Google Contacts. Pick any Google contact group and schedule voice calls and SMS/text messages to them.
CallHub helps you schedule automated voice calls and SMS/text messages. It supports more than 200 countries. Integrates smoothly with user groups in your Google apps domain. Trusted by hundreds of customers for regular notifications, marketing campaigns, customer outreach programs and emergency notifications.

Grow Your Business
Reach large number of people in the shortest time with a personal message straight to their phone. SMS/Text Messages are the quickest way to reach your audience. Setup outreach campaigns and record all incoming messages in a simple dashboard.

Automatic Responses to SMS Keywords
Setup automatic responses based on keywords in incoming SMS messages. Get people to RSVP to events or use it to perform SMS based surveys. Our SMS marketing software gives you detailed analytics to make the right decisions.

Spread Your Message
Use voice broadcasting to drive new business. Import a list of contacts and call them to offer a simple press-1 option. The contacts are then directly connected to your business. Schedule campaigns at the best times for your contacts, customize the number of calls made per second and much more.

Lots of Powerful Features
  - Tags like {first_name}, {last_name} to personalize the messages
  - Automatic Responses to Keywords
  - Powerful Text to Speech Engine
  - Record Audio with a Phone Call
  - Automatically convert Voicemail to EMail
  - Smooth Integration with Google Groups and Google Contacts
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Gean Louisy
June 30, 2017
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A user of CallHub - Voice and SMS Broadcasting Software
June 19, 2020
automated SMS messages are the lowest form of advertising. but, they are also easy. Thank you developer, and, btw, if your app has any information on where to import google contacts..... rock and roll.
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