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Canned Responses Pro for Gmail
Create and use canned responses Gmail with/without attachments, canned email templates for Gmail.
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Canned Responses Pro is an innovative little Add-on for Gmail that helps you clear your mailbox responses as if you were working in Turbo Mode. Ability to create google mail canned responses and in case of users who handle a lot of email daily also to categorize canned responses on Gmail. Be it just canned email templates or canned response attachment you can add and organize them all under multiple categories for ease of access while responding to emails needing repetitive content.  

Some of our users say, our Gmail Add on has helped them save hours while replying to emails and now they can put the time saved to much better use! 

Canned Responses in Gmail are especially beneficial for Team members or Individuals answering Support, Sales, Marketing related Emails. In case of individuals as well this Add on is very helpful as it has been observed that 40 to 60% of emails need repetitive write-ups. Which can be easily managed by doing minor alterations and personalizing the content of canned email templates. It takes far less time compared to drafting a complete email. 

All one has to do is to notice which emails are repeated regularly and set these up as canned email templates in Gmail. Users can Compose a new Mail, Reply, Reply All for an existing email using the Gmail canned messages that are already setup via Canned Responses Pro. 

Professionals, Doctors, Attorneys, Teachers, Students all can benefit by saving the time of the day to day repetitive mailing tasks for sure. 

Lite vs. Canned Responses Pro

The add-on is free and fully functional. Pro version lets you do much more in comparison to Lite version:

➤ Lets you create an unlimited number of Categories and 30 canned responses for Gmail under each category. Making it similar to having unlimited canned responses for gmail.
➤ Add Images, Graphs, Charts, Tables from with in Google Docs. Save and format your Canned Response Templates using Google Docs. 
➤ Universal access to your canned responses from your Tablet/Mobile Devices as well.
➤ Allows sharing/delegation of Canned responses Via Google Drive folders to others
➤ Regular product updates
➤ Free Premium Support

A must Have Gmail Add-on for users with below Questions 
If you are a Gmail user and these questions have come to your mind

How to create canned responses in gmail?
How to set up canned responses in gmail?
How to delete canned responses in gmail?
How to make canned responses in gmail?
How to use canned responses in gmail?
How to use gmail canned responses ?
How to add canned response to gmail?
How to enable canned response in gmail?
How to create a canned response on gmail?
How to edit a canned response in gmail?

You are in luck my friend, as you have found the right solution Canned Responses Pro for Gmail. 

How to use Canned Responses Pro: Gmail Add-on?

Once you have installed the Gmail Add-on from the market place :

➤ Please click the Add on to initiate it on the right-hand sidebar.
Click on any email message to open it.
➤ You are presented with available options
a) Add New Response. 
b) Add an easy to remember name related to mail subject, Add a new category if you would like to assign the canned response to a category.
c) Click Create Response.
d)Click on Add content and Add content to the mail template and save. 
e) We are all set. 
New Canned Response is now available to be used for compose new emails, or insert into any mail in simple clicks.

How to upgrade to Lite Version to Canned Response Pro?

➤ Click Get Pro > On the next Screen Click Buy Now > After placing order > Click Activate and Refresh the Browser. 

➤ Pricing for Canned Responses Pro: Limited time Special Discounted price US$11 Regular Price US$29 

➤ Video Tutorial :

➤ Product Page Link:

Contact :                       
A User of Canned Responses Pro for Gmail
August 13, 2019
quite good but also must improve it
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A User of Canned Responses Pro for Gmail
August 6, 2019
Really hard to use.
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A User of Canned Responses Pro for Gmail
July 2, 2019
To sum it up, the few advantages this product offers are vastly outnumbered by the disadvantages compared to the standard Gmail canned response feature. It is cumbersome and impractical. I discourage anyone from using this.
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A user of Canned Responses Pro for Gmail
July 2, 2019
Dear User, Thanks for taking your time to provide your valuable feedback. Would you be kind to share more details as to any particular scenario you noticed, where in you felt it would make better sense to implement the workflow in a different way. We would be glad to work with you to make any improvements. Additionally, it will also help any one looking forward to using the add on to better assess the impact on their own workflow, before they make any decision. Kind Regards, BitQueues Team
A User of Canned Responses Pro for Gmail
June 26, 2019
It pushes you to get the pro version by adding more work adding spam messages than the add-on saves...
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A User of Canned Responses Pro for Gmail
June 18, 2019
The addon is great, works well, could not find a way to add attachments (pdf files and so on) automatically to canned responses (there is a workaround with google drive that I still need to investigate), and for some reason it does not add the subject automatically as well, but so far so good, pretty straightforward and the support team is responsive to my questions which is a good sign, bought the pro version, will use it for some time and update my review
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A user of Canned Responses Pro for Gmail
June 19, 2019
Many Thanks for your kind words, we are delighted that you find our Add-on helpful. That is what keeps us going to innovate our solutions. About Add-on not adding the subject automatically, I believe you are using the insert function while composing a new mail message from Gmail compose interface, Google limits auto-populating subject in this interface. I would suggest, you open any email > Access the Add on from the right pane > Click on the Compose New mail button next to the Response name, it will always auto-populate the subject. If you need any other help, please feel free to contact us at support. Thanks again for your positive feedback.
A User of Canned Responses Pro for Gmail
June 13, 2019
Finally found a way to access and use canned responses on my mobile Gmail App. Kudos to the developers for such a brilliant add-on :)
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A user of Canned Responses Pro for Gmail
July 22, 2019
Hi thats great! What did you do to use canned responses on mobile?
A User of Canned Responses Pro for Gmail
June 10, 2019
Fantastic Add-in! Thanks for adding things that were missing in Gmail:)
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A User of Canned Responses Pro for Gmail
June 9, 2019
Very useful, have been looking for something like this for months!
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A User of Canned Responses Pro for Gmail
June 5, 2019
Handy little Addon lets me beat the 40 responses limit set by default Google Labs! Keep it up guys!
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A User of Canned Responses Pro for Gmail
May 31, 2019
I just loved it! This handy little add-on makes Canned Responses email templates much simpler to use and organize. And to put a cherry on top, now I can use canned responses from my mobile phone as well. Yayyy! The support team is very friendly and responded promptly with answers to my questions. Just upgraded to Pro version and it's paying off by saving me tons of time already. A well deserved 5 StaR rating!
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