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Caption Maker
Caption all images( +drawings) and/or tables at once + create lists of tables / images with links to bookmarks
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This tool allows user to create, delete, re enumerate and format captions for images, drawings and tables. It also allows user to create and maintain listings of images and tables in the document.
Detailed instructions on how to use it and how it operates are available here:

NOTE: The tool uses some "hacks" to make the above features possible, so before using it on a document, please read through the help manual, especially the part about "Captionize" button. 

In any case, if the tool has messed up your document, use the document version history ( feature in google docs ), i.e. 
File -> Version history -> Show version history
to restore an earlier version of the document.
A User of Caption Maker
November 27, 2019
seem to work great but i cant rename the image list with out it being unable to update the lists for a non english dokument this is a problem
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A User of Caption Maker
September 29, 2019
only using this for a day now but seems to work just fine!
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A User of Caption Maker
August 25, 2019
This add-on no longer works.
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A User of Caption Maker
February 26, 2018
Very buggy with poor interface design, and didn't seem to work.
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A user of Caption Maker
June 18, 2018
Please note that the tool is in "beta" i.e. there are bound to be plenty more bugs I haven't yet found. So, I'd appreciate any additional information about what didn't work for you, ideally with a copy of the document you tried to "captionize" so that I can try and see what the issue is.
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