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Cell Color Functions
Allows you to build a function that accounts for the color of of the cell. =SUM now is =COLOR_SUM adds up the values with a specific background color selected by the user.
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This currently contains 6 default functions that you can use in google spreadsheets (sum, average, count, counta, max and min). But with an added bonus! You can now not only choose the range of cells you want to use that function for, but you can now designate a color for it too. 

Let's say I have a list of items. The list of items are sorted by color. I only want to get the sum of the items with a red color. You can now do that! 

I've created a function builder which helps you get the color you want to use, the range you want to use and the type of function you would like. Once its built out it's just a paste into a cell and you're good to go!
A User of Cell Color Functions
February 26, 2018
is it still working? always show 0 result
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A User of Cell Color Functions
April 4, 2017
Just what I need!
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A User of Cell Color Functions
March 24, 2017
Its not working at all, total catastrophy
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Robert Kalinowski
February 9, 2017
It works but not so good. How can I sum two background colors? If I use COLOR_COUNT twice in single expression I get doubled sum of single color (this COLOR_COUNT which was last range edited).
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A user of Cell Color Functions
February 12, 2017
Hi Robert, Thanks for the review. I haven't thought about using it twice in a single expression. That never came across my mind. But, that's an interesting idea. I'll definitely look into it!
November 6, 2016
Working well. how do I refresh the value?
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