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This will create one question for items that are IN and another that are OUT. Items will be moved between the questions on submit.
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Used for checking in and out items, this add-on will create a question set or multiple sets. One question is for items that are IN and another for items that are OUT. Questions can be Multiple-Choice, List or Check-boxes. When someone fills out the form selected items will be moved between the two questions. This allows a for a very easy check in/out form. This is great for signing out equipment from the library, or even classroom camera’s. Other questions can be added to the question sets so that you can capture any information that you would like.
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A User of CheckItOut
June 14, 2019
It didn't work. Whenever I tried to add a question set, under the Add button it said "Fail!!!" before I even changed anything and when I press Add it sits at Processing until I decide to stop it. I tried remove/add, rebooted my laptop, closed and reopened the browser and now I'm giving up.
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A User of CheckItOut
March 13, 2019
Items disappear next day if not checked back in. We are using this for a high school hall pass system and if a teacher's name isn't checked back in it will be gone from both Check Out and Check In on the form and I have to add that name back. Can you help?
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A User of CheckItOut
March 6, 2019
It is not working currently. The item does not move consistently from checked in to checked out.
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A User of CheckItOut
November 27, 2018
The program does not even work. I am trying to add a text question and all it does is sit there saying processing.
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A user of CheckItOut
January 23, 2019
This add-on works just fine for me.
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