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CIFL Connector for BigQuery
Push data up from Sheets to BigQuery, or back down from BigQuery to Sheets.
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Automates a few of the pesky challenges when getting data from Sheets up to BigQuery:

1) Creating tables: the Connector automatically reads your tab's data columns + types, and creates tables in BigQuery that will play nicely with them.

2) Scheduling upload jobs: the Connector creates timed triggers on your behalf to schedule upload jobs.  

3) Error reporting: the Connector checks with BigQuery on the status of your upload jobs, so you're never in the dark.

The Connector also allows you to pull down data from BigQuery into Sheets - useful when building spreadsheet templates (like forecasts) that depend on the data you have living in BigQuery.
A User of CIFL Connector for BigQuery
December 31, 2019
Cant get this to login to Big Query at the moment. Says its temporarily disabled.
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Nico Brooks
April 23, 2019
I needed to be able to archive a bunch of data from Sheets to BigQuery, and the CIFL connector is a life saver! We also use Sheets as a data source for Data Studio quite a bit, and this makes it really easy to shift that over to BigQuery. Thank you CIFL!!!
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