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COOL: the all-in-one learning solution for your classroom. Easy tools for teachers and students!
The COOL platform is the base of a solution that helps teachers stay in control in the classroom. It saves time and is easy to use. It’s the homepage for your students. Here they can find all the online educational materials the teacher has selected for them. COOL applies the group layout from your Google console G Suite environment, so the right teachers are connected to the right groups and classes. 
You can use the platform in combination with different modules that enhance the learning experience for teachers and students. Choose the modules that fit you. Try it out: 60 days for free!

The COOL Platform consists of,
- COOL Picture log-in
- COOL Monitoring
- COOL Exam mode
- COOL Plagiarism check

COOL Picture log-in
The Picture log-in module makes logging in easier for younger students. Their password consists of a combination of pictures. No need to remember the complicated number or letter combinations. An easy way to make the children use their own account instead of a group account, which is sometimes used as a quick fix so that they only have to remember one password that everyone knows. Using group accounts makes tracking individual progress difficult and is not compliant with privacy regulations. With the picture log-in, they have access to their own Google accounts and are also logged into the COOL platform.

COOL Monitoring
Keep track of your students: what are they working on? Where are they in the assignment? From the comfort of your own device, you can see the browser screens of your students. It gives you the opportunity to observe from distance and give direction during the process instead of after. Students can see on their screen when they are monitored. The tool comes with many handy functionalities, such as pushing a website to the devices of the whole class or to individuals. You can also block the screens when you want the attention of the classroom and close unwanted tabs. You can even make different or smaller groups from the students who are assigned to you as a teacher. This is convenient for pushing activities to students who need special attention or extra educational input. If you’ve used COOL Monitoring, you can check the browser history of your students up until seven days ago. The COOL admin of your school is able to consult a report about when which teacher was using COOL Monitoring and for which students. This provides the much-wanted transparency.

COOL Exam mode
This functionality is part of the COOL Monitoring module. That means that you can monitor students from a distance while they are in exam mode. COOL Exam mode makes sure that students can’t change tabs while taking a test. You can lock your students on the page of the test. They can’t open other tabs to find answers on the internet. You decide the amount of time they are locked. Use it for individual students or for the whole class with one click.

COOL Plagiarism check
Check the Google documents that your students are handing in through Google Classroom. The Google Classroom app is integrated into our COOL platform. As a teacher, you can check your students’ work by starting the plagiarism check. It will look for text matches online and the documents of your other students. You can check the same document three times over so you have the possibility to give feedback to your students and give the opportunity to improve the text. In the overview of the results, you’ll see what the percentage of plagiarism is and on which websites the matches are found.

Try it out: 60 days for free! For more information check:
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Een gebruiker van Cloudwise COOL School Portal
9 januari 2020
We really love the picture login functionality, we always let the teacher log in for our younger students, that was far from ideal.They ended up using the same google account and it took a lot of time for the class to get started. Now with picture it's a breeze, and the little ones are really proud of themselves to actually be able to login to their chromebooks!
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Een gebruiker van Cloudwise COOL School Portal
4 februari 2020
Excellent! Picture login is fantastic, our toddlers can finally login to their chromebooks themselves.
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