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Column Tools
Convert columns/rows to Named Ranges, Conditionally Format selection one column/row at a time, or sort horizontally.
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Column Tools is an increasingly inaccurately named tool that provides some useful tools for working with columns (and now rows) that are missing from Google Sheets. Currently there are four tools in this package. 

The first tool is to apply conditional formatting on a column-by-column or row-by-row basis. Once you've applied your conditional formatting rules to the first column/row of a bunch, select that one plus the others you want to apply it to. The same conditional formatting rules will be applied to each column/row in your selection. This is useful if your columns/rows have different maxima and minima that you want to highlight. 

The second tool is to create Named Ranges named after the first cell in each column or row. Select a bunch of columns or rows, and it will set each column/row to be a Named Range, with the name set to the value in the first cell in that column/row. 

Both functions work with a single block selection, or multiple selection areas.

The third tool is to sort a range or an entire sheet horizontally using a specified row (please note this has not been tested extensively - use with care and please report any issues).

The fourth and latest tool flattens a sheet into two columns. This is useful for some database-like operations. You could think of this as an 'un-pivot'.
A User of Column Tools
November 28, 2019
It's sad that it can't handle vertical merges :'(
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A User of Column Tools
December 19, 2018
It only works if what you sort is only unsorted cells, so if I select a general area of cells sorted how I want some how I don't, it just doesn't sort. Can you fix that?
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A User of Column Tools
July 26, 2018
I love it! Is it possible to have the same function for a row-per-row basis?
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A user of Column Tools
August 9, 2018
I've added row-by-row functionality in the latest version, which has just gone into Google's review process - it should arrive in the next day or so :)
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