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Write collaboratively and cite faster with the colwiz add-on for Google Docs in over 7,000 auto-formatted citation styles.
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Take collaborative research writing to the next level with Create citations in a single click and format bibliography in over 7,000 styles including APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, IEEE, Vancouver and more.

Whether its journal articles, books, webpage references, newspapers or conference documents – Creating inline citations is quick and painless.

Access your research library directly, or search online to grab more references – All without moving away from your document.
November 29, 2016
It's works great and the collaboration function is amazing for us to write papers together. It's potential is definitely been underestimated, and deserve more attention from academic fellows!
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April 19, 2016
I found it very clean. It simply started generating biblio for me without any hassle of long signup process and creating library. I must give colwiz Library a try.
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April 18, 2016
Its awsome, removes the pain of managing citations and styles.. Good work Thanks
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A Google User
March 15, 2016
Its wonderful! I have been waiting for such thing for years. Collaboration in writing scientific papers is now easier! Thanks!
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