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Find a Company website based on it's names.
Find a Company website (domain) based on it's Company name.
Given a list of company names, Domain search will find the most likely website (webpage url) for each Company name on the list.
(e.g  "Whole Foods" --> )

This will help you:
- Lead Generation - Enrich a list of company leads
- Prospecting
- Email Enrichment & Email Matching
- Market research 

Once the domain is found, you can easily move on to finding the emails using one of the email finding Google Spreadsheet addons such as : Find That lead , Hunter , Clearbit etc...

Used by and for:
Sales, Human Resources (HR), Email Outreach, Growth Hackers, Sourcing & Research.
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A User of Company Domain Match
February 22, 2019
I used this once and it was great and now I cant figure out how to get it going again on my excel sheet... it says the add on is already installed yet I can't find it on my computer and cant figure out how to use it again? help
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A user of Company Domain Match
April 18, 2020
Ugly things run away from beautiful people
Gary Zeune
October 17, 2019
This is a Google Sheet add-in. Not excel.
Andre van der Merwe
January 31, 2018
Wasn't able to find many websites that were searchable.
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A user of Company Domain Match
February 5, 2018
Thanks for your feedback Andre. First it's important to note this is not a website search, it matches companies with their websites. So if for example you are searching for a blog name you will not be able to find high matches as our focus are companies. As well sometimes prospected lists aren't "clean" i.e they have extra symbols such as LLC, .CO, .Inc etc etc those symbols can effect the matching rate. However such lists can easily be cleaned and typically this can move match rates from a 30% match to a 80% match you can follow our guide to learn how to do so -
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