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Convert leads faster with videos - Hippo Video
Create, edit, share, and track videos inside Gmail. Empower your sales force with video.
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Email marketing helps in building and maintaining long-lasting, reliable relations with your customers. But are you sure that all your recipients are opening their emails? And how to guarantee your emails get read and responded by the prospects?

A recent survey on Email marketing states that “77% of people reported a boost from video email compared to traditional, typed-out text emails. And 20% of the respondents more than doubled their results with video.”

Compared to traditional, text emails, videos work best in achieving the following:

Increasing email open rates
Getting clicks through your emails
Converting your leads
Staying in touch
Generating referrals

How To Benefit From Hippo Video Gmail Add-on?

Send Videos Easily: Create marketing videos and testimonials with the add-on and send it to your prospects easily. No downloads, no links, and no attachments. Your videos appear right there in your compose section. Recipients can click to start playing your video.

Screen Recording: Record your screen, webcam or both to review documents, give presentations, or educate your prospects and clients.

Mobile Friendly: Inbox, mobile, and web-record from any device and have people play it back on any device.

Track Engagement Stats: Track the engagement of one email or many at the same time. Spend more time on the prospect who is genuinely interested based on the actual behavior instead of those who aren't.

Increase the Follow-ups: Get live notifications of who watched your video and for how long, the click rate and email open rate so you can reach them back instantly.
Usuario de Google
6 de enero de 2019
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Usuario de Google
29 de diciembre de 2018
Buena app
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22 de octubre de 2018
Muy bien pensada la aplicación, genial!
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19 de octubre de 2018
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9 de octubre de 2018
me hiso muy util en verdad
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18 de septiembre de 2018
es muy buena esta aplicacion
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24 de agosto de 2018
se traba demaciado
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Usuario de Google
28 de noviembre de 2018
ni para decir nada porque no la e utlizado
5 de noviembre de 2018
31 de julio de 2018
esta genial
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