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Copyediting & Proofreading Powered by Humans
Hire a professional proofreader to check grammar, correct spelling errors and improve your writing.
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The worst professional feeling is hitting “publish” or sending a customer their content only to realize that it contains cringe-worthy typos and grammatical errors. Or, it just simply isn’t your best possible work. 

You see the best content producers in the world leverage something you haven’t been. 

The second pair of eyes of a talented professional copyeditor and proofreader. Not error-ridden and unreliable AI, Sally from accounting, or your best friend who “enjoys” editing and proofreading. 

You need a professional. 

At Proofreader Pros, we have the top 1% of pre-vetted professional copyeditors and proofreaders made up of industry experts that are categorized by experience and educational background. 

Every one of our copyeditors are committed to delivering nothing but brilliant results in the fastest time possible. We employ only native English linguists — no AI — for reliable, consistent, and excellent results with the least amount of friction possible, right inside Google Docs. 

Here’s how it works: 

Simply open up a Google Doc and start writing. 

When you’re ready to have your content edited, open our add-on and simply click “Find Editor.”  

Instantly watch as your personal on-demand copyediting and proofreading professional reads through and suggests quick and easy fixes that take your writing from good to GREAT. 

Errors you simply can’t see yourself. 

Truly effortless. No copying, pasting, uploading, or losing track of changes like with other more expensive and time-consuming services. 

Imagine a frictionless, real-time, and lightning-fast process your business can rely on... the fastest in the industry. 

Our turn-around times are 1 hour per 500 words. 

Allowing you to hit “publish” on the content that matters up to 30x faster

When you go through our 10-second order process, simply tell us your industry, content type, and any other special instructions you have for your order. 

The best part? Our team works 24/7, 365 days a year… 

Every time zone, during any hour. 

Want to work with the same editor? 

Want to upload an editing style guide for our team? 

Want to talk to the editor in real-time? 
*Access granted. 

**Powered by real humans and kicking AI’s-butt since 2013.  
**First 1,000-words edited free with any 7-day subscription trial 

 → Add to Google Docs Today! ←-

Razor-sharp eyes for error-free content, 30x faster!

We save agencies the hassle of finding quality editors externally so you can channel your time to the things that matter. Our handpicked editors comb through errors such as grammar, spelling, and sentence construction for error-free content. We do the nitty-gritty so you can publish perfect copies worthy of sharing with anyone, in any platform. 

We have editors across all timezones, thereby we are online 24/7. 
Our process is simple and frictionless: once your order is placed, we work on it instantly within Google Docs, so real-time progress is observed right in front of your very eyes. While this transpires, you can opt to communicate with your editor as well so you can collaborate in producing the perfect copy.

Quick FAQ Guide:

Q: How does pricing work?
A: Our pricing is very simple. Starting as low as $0.035 cents per word, we offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry. It's the only real-time editing service in the world. Buy a simple monthly subscription of words, or pick pay-as-you-go options and you're good to go.

Q: Is this AI or actually real people?
A: We are 100% powered by real people, putting in their absolute best to serve your content needs. All our professional editors are native English speakers and are typically based in the US or enjoying the laptop lifestyle of traveling around the globe while fulfilling work commitments.

Q: What is the background of your editing team?
A: Our hiring process is brutal. We bring on fewer than 1% of applicants and within those selected, each professional editor is segmented based on industry, educational background, and work experience. This helps us provide you with an on-demand editing resource like nothing else out there.

Get started today with a 7-day Free Trial + 1,000 Free words
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