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Virtual Learning Environment
Course Director allows you to use Google Apps as a Learning Management System (LMS/VLE) and gradebook.

Simple to use and set up
Completely integrated with Google Apps
Used by K-12 schools, Universities and companies


•	Online courses to share information with students in 'Google Sites'. 
•	Student coursework submission to 'Google Docs' 
•	Online exams, tests and quizzes in 'Google Docs' 
•	Discussion group for each course in 'Google Groups' 
•	Timetabling in 'Google Calendar' 
•	Grading, attendance and report cards 


•	With CourseDirector users only have to log on to Google Apps not an external LMS 
•	Simple user experience - Teachers/faculty don’t need to learn a new system, they learn Google Apps which they see as a useful skill. Students already use Google products so learning is intuitive 
•	Simple interface - We focus on keeping users in Google Apps and don’t try to ‘re-invent the wheel’. If Google Apps has a great way to do something we do it in Google Apps. 
•	Data privacy and security - The only App in the EDU Marketplace to be awarded the TRUSTe privacy certification 


•	Modular structure - Turn off the features you don't want to use 
•	Import and export spreadsheet data easily 
•	Quickly create courses then add and remove teachers and students. 
•	Create a standard school course template, but allow teachers to easily customize their course themselves 
•	Copy recurring courses, together with all files and attachments - no need to recreate courses from scratch 
•	Never have to delete information - Keep a full history of all your previous courses 
•	Automatic Google Apps password reset (great for schools not using Active Directory to provision accounts)
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July 7, 2020
I can't open the website for the application. Display unable to reach.
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