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Creately is an online diagramming and collaboration tool that will help you to visualize your ideas and work on them together with others. Use it to draw mind maps, flowcharts and a lot more diagrams
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Draw flowcharts, UML, Mindmaps, UI mockups, Sitemaps, network diagram and more with amazing ease. Work together with clients and team using our real-time collaboration features.

Creately is an award winning diagramming tool renowned for its ease of use. Our uncluttered interface combined with unique features like 1-click create and connect helps you draw diagram up to 3 times faster compared to traditional diagram software. Check the video to learn more about our features.

· Free (Public plan*)
· $5/month (Personal plan)
· $25/month - $75/month (Team plans)

* Public plan allows you to draw 5 public diagrams, create 1 project with upto 3 collaborators.

- Real-time collaboration so multiple users can work on the same diagram and see each other’s changes in real-time
- 1 click create and connect to create diagram faster and efficiently
- Export diagrams as PNG, JPEG, PDF, SVG and more
- Color palette based on themes for easy styling
- 1000’s of professionally designed templates to get started fast
- Full revision history so you can track and revert every change
- Inline comments to leave and get feedback
- Code generated to embed on Websites and blogs
- Fit large  linkable diagrams to web pages using Creately player
- Contextual toolbars to reduce clutter and speedup diagramming
- 1 click create to Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest
- Visio import to migrate diagrams from Microsoft Visio

Supported Diagram Types:
* Flowcharts / Work Flow diagrams
* Wireframes
* UI Mockups
* iPhone mockups
* iPad designs
* UML Class diagrams
* UML Sequence diagrams
* Entity relationship diagrams
* Use case diagrams
* Network diagrams / AWS diagrams
* Business process models
* Gantt charts
* SWOT analysis
* Mind maps
* Concept diagrams
* Site maps
* Venn diagrams
* Infographics

What Other Say about Creately
"All the capabilities of traditional graphics software, but packaged in an easy to use collaborative application..." – TechCrunch

"We found Creately fun to use and definitely easier and more logical than other diagramming tools we have used in the past." – ReadWriteWeb

"Awesome. Forget MS Visio. Hello Creately! Love it." - Chuck Loveday
“Love the filter features of org charts, makes it super easy to filter names, designations etc.” – Real Deals

*Separate libraries for less clutter*
Listed above are some of the diagram types supported by Creately. And each of these diagram types have a separate library so you only have to load the most necessary objects when drawing a diagram. This reduces clutter, gives more space for your diagram and improve your overall productivity.

*Diagram specific features for faster diagramming*
Additionally some of the diagram types have special diagram specific features. For example if you’re looking to draw a flowchart then the contextual toolbar recognizes this based on the diagram type and show process, decision blocks as next object. This awareness based on diagram type in present in UML diagram, network diagrams, database design diagram, organizational charts and more.

A good example of a diagram specific feature is the filtering options you find when drawing a organizational chart. By default an object in an organization chart have Name, title and department but you can change the display to name only, title only with one single click. This enables to you to present the same org chart to different departments, teams while hiding/showing necessary details.

*Smart objects for intelligent diagramming*
What sets Creately apart from other traditional diagram software is our smart objects. With Creately an object is not just a simple image, but an object that can store data and that will act on that data in the context of the diagram. Creating Database diagrams for example can generate the graphics for tables based on the shapes content. The connectors for the given type of shapes changes based on direction and orientation. 

The timeline object in our Gantt chart library is another good example of a smart object. When you add a timeline object to a Gantt chart as soon as you stretches the object the dates will be automatically added for you. Likewise it will adjust if you shorten the timeline.

There are some amazing things you can do with Creately, so give it a try and forever changed the way you draw diagrams.
Chet Ramphal
April 20, 2019
everything you do with this app is public. to make it private you have to pay. Plus how do you remove it???
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A User of Creately
May 14, 2018
This app is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Shalin Siriwaradhana
August 29, 2016
Been using Creately for two weeks and its awesome
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