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Connect to JSON APIs and other data in Google Sheets
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Data Connector is powerful, yet easy-to-use and lets you pull data from any API into your Google Sheets worksheet. Just enter your API key or connect via OAuth2. Data Connector is the API connector of choice!

Data Connector is the ONLY Add-on of it's kind that gives you OAuth2 connections, JMESPath and other filters on it's free tier. Other Add-ons make you pay for those features. We are also the ONLY Add-on of it's kind that is open source. We recognize that your API keys and other data is extremely sensitive, which is why we've decided to open source our code so you know exactly how we handle things. 

Source code: 

👇 Features:
*GET, POST, PUT, support
*Connect to OAuth2 (OAuth 2) sources
*Save your api requests for future access
*Choose whether new data should overwrite or append to existing data
*Reference cells in API requests for dynamic queries
*RUN() custom function 
*Refresh your formulas easily
*Built-in query language for filtering API results via JMESPath (XPath, JQ, JSONPath and others coming soon!)
*Free plan lets you save up to 1 commands. Paid features let you save unlimited commands. Run those commands unlimited times.
   *To celebrate our relaunch everything is free for now!
*Easily connect to Ahrefs API, Github API, Google Analytics API, Google Analytics Management API, Harvest API, Instagram Insights API, LinkedIn Ads API, QuickBooks API, Quora Ads API, Spotify API, Strava API,  Vimeo API, and YouTube Analytics API. 


🔥 Pro features:
*Save unlimited commands. Run those commands unlimited times.
*Our free plan includes many features that our competitors will charge you for.

💬 Fast, friendly support

⭐️ Our Add-on vs Others
We offer the best value: save up to 3 commands on the free plan and unlimited commands on the paid plan. Unlike our competitors, we don't limit the number of times you can run those commands. In addition, we are the only add-on that lets you have OAuth2 connections and JMESPath filtering on the free plan - which means you can extract the content you want. Most importantly, we are the only Add-on in our category that is open source.

✅ Use cases
*Import Bitcoin and crypto currency / cryptocurrency, stock prices / stock  quotes, economic data, forex / fx / foreign currency / foreign exchange price data
*Connect directly to trackers like CoinMarketCap & Binance
*Track your Facebook page likes and follows and connect to Facebook Ads
*Build your own SEO analysis tool
*Analyze Mailchimp email activity
*Get time and project details from Jira & Asana
*Connect to the Harvest API
*Track sales from your Shopify store
*Import weather data from OpenWeatherMap
*Create tons of other cross-platform reports, visualizations, and data mash-ups for marketing, analytics, and no-code projects. Recommended if you like other scraping & connection tools like Zapier and Supermetrics.This is a totally flexible add-on that connects to almost any platform, so you can build what you want.
*Tons of other data mashups and data visualizations.
Use this as a replacement for, or in conjunction with, importFromWeb, Supermetrics, SheetGo, Google Analytics, Autocrat and Power Tools. This is the perfect no code tool to help you effortlessly get the data you need in your Sheet.

Here are just a few more of the sources you can import using Data Connector: Google Analytics API, Linkedin API, Ahrefs API, Product Hunt API, Facebook API, Doubleclick API, Shopify API, Adform API, Optimizely API, IMDb API, Active Campaign API, Kelly Blue Book API, Github API, Twitter API, Intercom API, Crypto Price API, Harvest API, Adroll API, Xero API, Criteo API, Google My Business API, CRM API, Stripe API, Indeed API, Outbrain API, iTunes API, Sports API, Yahoo API, Surveymonkey API, Youtube API, News API, Tumblr API, Quora API, Esports API, Wordpress API, Reddit API, Pinterest API, Trello API, Google Ads API, Google Search Console API, Searchmetrics API, Asana API, Adobe API, Netflix API, Yandex API, Tiktok API, Hubspot API, Stocks API, Vimeo API, Wikipedia API, Constant Contact API, Spotify API, Mailchimp API, Ziprecruiter API, Semrush API, Government Data API, Weather API, Quickbooks API, Jira API, Taboola API, OpenWeather API, Google Adsense API, Amazon API, Moz API, Instagram API, Spacex API, Salesforce API, Bing API, HR API, Video Game API , Facebook Ads API, Snapchat API, Google Maps API, Paypal API, Google Indexing API or any other JSON API can be imported to Google Sheets with Data Connector.

Connect to any type of database: MySQL,  PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Oracle,  SQL Server,  Microsoft Azure, GCS / Google Cloud, AWS / Amazon Web Services and many others. Simply expose your database as an API and connect just as you would any other API.
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Data Connector | Free API will ask for the permissions shown below. Learn more
Data Connector | Free API will need access to your Google account
This will allow Data Connector | Free API to :
See, edit, create, and delete all your Google Sheets spreadsheets
Display and run third-party web content in prompts and sidebars inside Google applications
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See your primary Google Account email address
See your personal info, including any personal info you've made publicly available
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Professional Developer
May 22, 2021
Yes THX a lot
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Nishant Chavan
June 20, 2021
Loved it!
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Derek Lam
May 1, 2021
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Diego Montes
July 18, 2021
Great tool!!! Simple and very useful. Thank you
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Samson Assefa
December 8, 2020
Samson Assefa Gebrehiwot
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Syifa El
February 2, 2021
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Kobus Kemp
July 7, 2021
Really simple to use and exactly what I needed. Makes it easy to pull multiple lines of info from the same command!
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