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Data Director for Forms
Save Form data to multiple Google Sheets. Create new Calendar Events. Many Email options. Create and attach PDFs.
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Data Director for Forms has the following features. 

* Sends Emails
* Creates new Calendar Events
* Sends Form Data to multiple Spreadsheets
* Create new spreadsheet when conditions are met
* Creates a PDF - Attaches it to an email
* Adds a Guest to a Calendar Event
* Start Accepting Form submissions at a certain Date/Hour
* Automatically Stop Form submissions at a certain Date and Hour

More Details:

* Can send an email or not depending upon how a Form question is answered
* Will create a PDF file or not depending upon how a Form question is answered
* Create a new calendar event or not depending upon how a Form question is answered
* Save a PDF file to different folders depending upon how a Form question is answered
* Merge Form Answers into the Email
* Merge Form Answers into the PDF
* Merge Form Answers into the New Calendar Event
* Create an Edit URL and/or a PreFilled URL and save the link(s) to the destination spreadsheet, and/or put the links into an Email
* Send up to 4 differently designed emails
* Unlimited number of advanced conditional tests for sending an email or not
* Send an email to the email address collected from a Form field.
* Send an email to the signed in user on a Google account
* Advanced Email Options for 1) Reply To: 2) From: and 3) No-Reply
  Only available to accounts that have those capabilities
* Email design settings are saved to the Form, not your email account
* PDF design settings are saved to the Form
* The email body in the email design can include HTML

All of the major features work independently.  Use any one feature alone, or use all of them together.

   Data Director can send the Form response to an alternate spreadsheet.  It can send an email, or multiple emails.  It can add a guest to your calendar event, and it can create an entirely new calendar event.  The emails support HTML.  Email addresses can be static, (sent to the same address every time), or be dynamic, and come from the Form (Or both static and dynamic) Emails can be conditional.  In other words, you can send an email depending upon  how a form question was answered.  For example, if the person filling out the form chooses a name from a drop down list, conditions can be set to send an email to a specific email address.  There are lots of possibilities.  You could send an email to a particular email address based upon a department name, or a product choice.
     When your Google Form is submitted, the Data Director for Forms Add-on can get the last form submission, and save it to a second spreadsheet destination of your choice.  The destination spreadsheet can be any Google spreadsheet that your Google account has permission to write to.  For example: Your Google Form currently writes data to a spreadsheet, but you want the form response to also go into a second sheet in the same spreadsheet.  This Add-on can do that.  Or the Add-on can write a copy of the form response to a completely different spreadsheet.
     You should install this Add-on if you want to save a copy the form response to to a destination other than what is set in the Form's design.
     But that's not all Data Director can do!  Data Director will also create an Edit URL and/or a PreFilled URL, and save those links to the spreadsheet.

For information about the permissions needed use the following link:
November 17, 2016
Great add-on! Is there a way to Hide Unanswered fields in the email?
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November 19, 2016
That's a great idea. I like it. I just add it to my feature request list. But, "No", there is currently no way to show/hide content in an email depending upon whether the question was answered. Thanks for the suggestion. I've got lots of feature requests and need to decide what to work on. I never promise anything.
September 29, 2016
Great app, huge time-saver. Have an issue where I have an option in the form to schedule a follow-up with a client, in which case I'll fill in a date and time field and this app will create a new event. The problem is that if I don't schedule a follow-up and leave that section blank, it tries to create an event anyway and fails, resulting in an email sent to the developer, which contains data from the form submission, which is quite concerning and I'd like to have the option to turn that off.
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December 8, 2016
If anyone has a problem with the Add-on, you can report it directly to me at
December 8, 2016
PDF Definition doesn't seem to load...
December 2, 2016
There is now the option to not send error emails to the developer. That option is in the "Error" tab of the "Settings/Utilities" dialog box. Click the "Settings/Utilities" button in the sidebar, and then click on the "Error" tab. Uncheck the box to send error emails.
September 30, 2016
I'll be releasing some updates that will take care of both of your concerns. Originally I hadn't made any contingency plan for a situation where the person entering Form data didn't enter a date. I'll probably have a check box in the set up area to indicate that if there is no date to simply not try to create a new event, and do nothing. So, the Form submission won't be evaluated as an error, which is happening now. I'm also adding some new choices to the user settings for how errors are handled.
September 27, 2016
Had a slight issue where it wasn't processing. Had to uninstall, and reinstall. Works great now
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September 27, 2016
I love this add-on and have been using it for a month now but recently since 28th or 29th Aug 2016 on, my data became out of alignment in the google sheet (data_director). Initially all data will be allocated in each column regardless if the form entry was empty or filled up. But it is not the case now, if any form entry field is empty, it will take it as a non-field. Eg. I have 20 entry field (questions) but the person who enter the form has only answer 12 fields and the other 8 fields left empty. My respond on Data_Director Sheet will have only 12 column from that person. All are being squeeze into the first 12 column, so to say, my "edit URL" is in the 12th column. Imagine I have 20 responses daily and some may have different number of field left empty. My sheets become very messy. The worse part is that I Vlookup for such "Edit URL" but is unable to find it cause it may vary in different column. It was alright for the past one month but i have no idea why. Please fix it. I've also email you. Need the function to work asap, please. *Updated on 20 Sep 2016. Thank you Alan for the prompt reply and troubleshoot. It work perfectly now. Can I have a suggestion? Many times I will use the Edit URL to edit my form, and my form has many many pages which require loading when I am out, issit possible to provide a button to submit the form even half way (to update the form) without clicking all the way to the last page. Just hope it has this function or to show all pages so don't have to click through all pages just to update a single item.
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September 30, 2016
Thanks for letting me know that it works correctly now. As for the feature request for editing a Google Form, I have no control over that. How the edit URL works is controlled by Google. I do want to create a system that puts the original Form data into another Form for editing purposes. That might address your need. I don't know when that will get done, but it's something I want to do. I've got some other features that I want to implement first though, so it could be a while.
September 4, 2016
Sorry about the issue. Thanks for letting me know about the problem. I've made some major changes, and had to work out some bugs. As soon as I got your email, I looked for the problem and figured out what was going wrong. Your feedback was very helpful.
March 27, 2016
This is a wonderful add on and provides exactly what I'm looking for. The author was responsive and helpful and may even include a modification I suggested in a future version. Thanks so much for creating this!
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March 28, 2016
I am working on a new feature because of your suggestion, and feedback. There will be a new feature to delete a calendar event in the future. Just a reminder, that people can reach me at and also visit the Google Group:
March 2, 2016
Key feature did not load. Could not set already created second destination doc.
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March 7, 2016
I haven't heard from this person. I have no way to validate whether this is a legitimate issue or not. There are no details given to explain how I could reproduce the problem. So, all I can say is that I do take any issues seriously, and am constantly working on improvements and new features.
March 7, 2016
I haven't heard from this person. I have no way to validate whether this is a legitimate issue or not. There is no details for how I could reproduce the problem. So, all I can say is that I do take any issues seriously, and am constantly working on improvements and new features.
March 4, 2016
Thanks for the feedback Aaron. I appreciate you leaving a comment. If you want, you can email me at I'd like to try to fix the problem that you are having.
January 30, 2016
Great Add on - Very Useful
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December 16, 2015
Great Add-on, very useful for when you need to share data from a form response for multiple uses. I used it for my marketing research work and was able to share my respondent data with my colleagues, saved me time from having to do this manually. I second the review from Waseem Iqbal, that'd be a nice addition, I could see a lot of uses for such a feature.
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December 11, 2015
Thank you for, I'm sure this could be very useful if we can copy the responses to different sheet based on the each answer. Do you think that's possible?
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A Google User
January 9, 2017
Further to this, it would be useful to be able to select different sheets within the one spreadsheet based on the answer to a certain question. Unless there is already a way to do this?
December 14, 2015
For the Add-on to be able to to "decide" whether to save a single response to either one sheet or another, the User Interface would need to have quite a bit of new work done to it. The set up options would need to get all the questions from the form and put them into a drop down list, so that the user can choose what input field the Add-on needs to check. The code needs to "know" what input field to check, and what to check for. It's possible, and a great idea. Right now I'm working on some other advanced options that will be published very soon. I'm not sure at this point if I should add your request to the same add on, or create a different add-on. But either way, I will commit to creating something that will do that.
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